How To Mantle At Different Named Locations in Fortnite

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Here’s how you can mantle in Fortnite named locations. Know the effective tricks and strategies to perform Mantling.

Fortnite has hundreds of mechanics and they keep coming every season. Be it Jumping or Sprinting, all these are essential combat techniques in Fortnite. Mantle is another mechanic that lets you jump onto a ledge, roof top, and many more higher levels. Mastering the Mantling technique has been a challenging task for players as it’s all about using the right controls. Mantling also allows you to jump to walls at ease.

There are many quests where you need to mantle within 30 seconds and mantle at different Fortnite POIs. Reaching the top of structures or walls becomes easier with Mantling technique. Fortnite Weekly quests include some tasks where you need to mantle in different named locations. This can be a challenging task as you need to do it with perfect timing. You just need to hold the jump button, yet the timing is essential to reach the other spot without struggling or falling down

The latest Fortnite quest has objectives where you need to mantle in different locations. This can be done anywhere in and around the jungle biome. Here’s our guide that includes the best tricks to mantle in different locations.

Steps to Mantle in Fortnite Named Locations

For this Fortnite challenge, you can explore any three locations or POIs. Then, you have to look for some ledges or other tall structures. Now you have to hold the ‘Jump’ button and ready the top of the other side. You have to perform the action three times in three different locations.

Once you complete Mantling for 30 seconds, the task gets done. Mantling is not that difficult, you just need to tap the jump button and get to the other side without collapsing down. It’s an upgraded jumping technique that lets you ascend to tall structures or other higher levels easily. Mantling includes both jumping and maneuvering. You necessarily don’t need to build ramps to climb to higher levels as the Mantling feature lets you do this without the need for them. There are some Mantling-based challenges in some Fortnite creative maps as well.

You can complete Mantling in any 3 POIs and grab your rewards for each stage. You can accumulate upto 80k XP by simply performing a Mantling technique. Xp rewards are always essential in Fortnite.

Just like Mantling, there are other common Fortnite techniques that include grappling, sprinting, jumping, and more. These actions need to be performed during some challenging tasks in the game. 

That’s everything you need to know about Fortnite Mantling in different named locations. Complete the challenge and unlock free rewards. We will come back with more Fortnite guides soon.


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