How to Defeat the Astaroth Boss in Diablo 4?



Learn the strategies and tactics to defeat the formidable Astaroth boss in Diablo 4. Uncover its weaknesses, exploit its patterns, and equip yourself with the right gear and skills for an epic battle.

Diablo 4 is a gripping dungeon thriller game. Completing every act in Diablo 4 can be a challenging task for all survivors. Every act includes many side quests, small missions, and boss fights. Once you complete all objectives, you progress to the next act. Diablo 4 has 6 acts and you have to unravel all stories to complete the game. Every act has a boss fight. The boss fights also keep coming in other acts as well. You will be up against a monstrous boss, Astaroth, in the game’s second act. Astaroth is menacing in all ways.

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Unlike other boss fights of Diablo 4, this one requires more skills and strategies. You need to kill Astaroth to proceed to the third act. Astaroth has unlimited healing points and different attacks. Its fireballs and breathe flames are poisonous. With the best set of Diablo 4 equipment, skills, healing potions, and weapons, you can overcome its attacks and complete the challenge as well. Here’s our Diablo 4 guide with the best tricks and strategies to beat the Astaroth boss.

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Diablo 4 Astaroth Boss Fight – Guide and Tips

Diablo 4 Astaroth
Boss location

Astaroth is the final boss fight of Diablo 4 Act 2. The boss spawns in the Cerrigar area. Here, you can spot Lilith reviving the Astaroth boss for one last time. Dorin will also be searching for his son, Yorin. But the Astaroth boss will be revived and it spawns immediately. There begins the challenge against the demon. You have to equip Gear, Legendary Aspects, Elixir of Fire Resistance, and more skills along with a weapon. You can also go with the best builds in Diablo 4 to overcome the boss fight. Here’s the guide to defeat the Astaroth boss in both the phases.

Phase One

Astaroth breathes fire every 5 seconds. It’s an aggressive demon and none can be stronger when they are up against this formidable beast. You have to block these flames and dodge their other attacks. The boss will unleash strikes and it will slam the ground to create an explosion. Also, stay behind its zone and avoid attacks from its head. Keep dodging its attacks initially. The boss has only one plan and it’s a fire attack. It keeps unleashing fire flames and projectiles. The zone turns gloomy and you can find only fire flames and circles everywhere. A terrifying boss that boasts many attacks and you can only dodge them.

You can go with fire spells like Firebolt and Fireball. These can deal great damage to the boss. The boss will turn more aggressive and it will breathe more flames. You can spot fire flames from 3 ends of its mouth. The entire zone will be full of fireballs. You have to keep jumping once there’s a ball in your area.

The boss turns glowing green and it will also use his giant spear to slam the ground. Just keep attacking from long-range. Also, utilize the best build to stun the boss. Meteor is a great option to tackle and deal double damage. Go with these and keep dealing damage. Also, you have to jump from one zone to the other as the boss spits fire flames regularly. Focus on its health bar and keep attacking until goes to 50. The next phase begins immediately.

Phase 2

The boss will continue with fireballs again as it can only inflict fire damage. He will also use the Staff weapon and swing it hard. The weapon is big and can reach you easily. Make sure to avoid contact and you can use fire spells again. You can also focus on attacking its head and rear parts as well. Dodge its attacks and unleash meteor strikes constantly. The Elixir of Fire Resistance is required for the final stages as it can be resistant against the boss’ fireballs. Go with the same strategy and keep dodging until its health point reaches 30% or even below that. Astaroth will test your patience more than skills. You have to be in control and overcome the boss’ plans and moves. The boss turns more aggressive everytime you counterattack him.

Astaroth will come down from the beast and will swing its staff. You can unleash firebolts and meteor strikes continuously. This will stun the boss again. It will also call its monsters for support. Use your build and clear other enemies. Keep attacking the boss and use fire spells. Once the hp goes to zero, you can complete the boss fight and leave the zone. You will get some rewards once the Astaroth boss collapsed down. Then, Dorin and Yorin will also be united as well.

That’s how you can defeat the Astaroth boss and complete Act 2 of Diablo 4.  We will come back with more interesting updates soon. You can also check on our latest Diablo guides and tips. You can find everything here and check the latest glimpse here,

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