How to upgrade Healing Potions in Diablo 4


Explore the merciless areas in Diablo 4 and ensure sustained endurance during tough battles by upgrading your healing potions to last longer.

There are many strong battles that test players’ abilities to fight against strong enemies. Here is how you can upgrade your healing portions in Diablo 4. You need backup healing power to assist you recover your health when you are low on it when you are fighting these enemies. When you start dealing with the worst enemies and bosses, you must constantly rely on these healing potions and maintain improving them.

Diablo 4 lets players carry healing potions that they can obtain from their chest and by defeating enemies. However, you have a limited inventory of games and in order to sustain in battles you will need to have enough healing potions. Keeping several potions of this might fill up your loadout and will reduce your space to collect gear tools and other important items.

Diablo 4 Healing Potions
Diablo 4 Healing Potions

Healing Potions in Diablo 4

  • They are used to recover health, and in a violent conflict, it may be the difference between life and death. In Diablo 4, healing potions come in four different varieties, each with a special set of characteristics.
  • The most fundamental kind of healing potion is the weak one. A slight amount of health is recovered.
  • The health that is restored by this small healing potion is more powerful than that of a weaker one.
  • Compared to a tiny healing potion, the light healing potion restores much more health.
  • The strongest healing potion in the game is this moderate healing potion. It substantially improves one’s health.

In addition to the four basic types, healing potions in Diablo 4 come in a wide variety. These potions are special because they increase damage or slowly replenish health.

The solution to upgrading your healing portions can be done during the Slam weekend. When it becomes important to battle the bosses and enemies, you can keep more healing potions with you without having to take up more room. Any Diablo 4 player’s play kit must include healing potions given its amazing healing powers. They can be used for restoring health in between fights as well as to stay alive during difficult battles. Healing potions should always be available for use by players.

upgrading healing potions in Diablo 4
Upgrading healing potions in Diablo 4

How to upgrade healing potions in Diablo 4?

Before knowing the procedure know that you can upgrade the Healing Potions only after reaching the following levels.

The option to enhance your healing potions will become available if you choose “I want to increase the potency of my healing potion” there. The problem is that you can only increase the strength of your flasks by 10 levels, and you won’t last very long using a Weak Healing Vial.

Level 10, Level 20, and so on, all the way up to Level 90, where you’ll obtain the Superior Healing Vial, are the levels where returning back to the alchemist will be crucial. You’ll require gold and materials that must be farmed all around the map. Upon reaching these levels you will find a Priority Quest on your map. The first meaning of question upgrade is in Kyovashad and the location of the alchemist called Veroka who helped you upgrade the Potions.

During the Slam weekend, where you can level up to 20, the minor healing potion becomes the optimal healing item in the game. Keep in mind that to upgrade your potion, The Alchemist will require specific items in your possession, such as:

Ingredients Require to Upgrade Healing Potions

Here is a list of all the Healing Potions that you can get along with the level requirement you need to obtain it.

Weak Healing Potion1NoneNone
Tiny Healing Potion102 Gallowvine100
Minor Healing Potion2015 Gallowvine, 5 Biteberry400
Moderate Healing Potion3030 Gallowvine, 10 Biteberry, 20 Briarthorn800
Major Healing Potion4060 Gallowvine, 20 Biteberry, 40 Briarthorn1600
Superior Healing Potion50120 Gallowvine, 40 Biteberry, 80 Briarthorn3200
Epic Healing Potion60240 Gallowvine, 80 Biteberry, 160 Briarthorn6400
Legendary Healing Potion70480 Gallowvine, 160 Biteberry, 320 Briarthorn12800

Note: The cost of upgrading your Healing Potions increases with each upgrade.

How to get more Healing Portions in Diablo 4?

Additional Healing potions in Diablo 4
Additional Healing potions in Diablo 4

When you first start playing Diablo 4, your character will have access to five healing bottles. This pool can be restored by chatting with a healer in any major town (usually spawning close to a waypoint), though foes will frequently drop health flasks when they die – be cautious, any potions that spawn on the map will soon disappear, so grab them quickly.

If you want to carry extra health potions in Diablo 4, you must first gain Renown. There is a system in Diablo 4 in which you get more healing portions, this system is Renown System. You can increase your renown in an area and one of the awards that you will get upon doing the show will be a portion charge. With this system, you can increase the number of potion charges to 10 from the default value. Each of Sanctuary’s five regions has its own Renown tiers, and you’ll gain this important item by destroying Strongholds, discovering locations and waypoints, and completing side-quests. If you achieve the appropriate Renown, you can unlock one more Potion Charge at every location in Diablo 4.

The cost of upgrading your Healing Potions increases with each upgrade.

Diablo 4 Health Potion Crafting Requirements

Weak Healing Vial (Level 1)Heals 18 Life instantly and 35% Life over 3 secondsNone
Tiny Healing Vial (Level 10)Heals 48 Life instantly and 35% Life over 3 seconds.8 Gallowvine, 250 Gold
Minor Healing Vial (Level 20)Heals 80 Life instantly and 35% Life over 3 seconds.15 Gallowvine, 5 Biteberry, 400 Gold
Light Healing Vial (Level 30)Heals 141 Life instantly and 35% Life over 3 seconds.20 Gallowvine, 10 Biteberry, 5 Crushed Beast Bones, 470 Gold
Moderate Healing Vial (Level 45)Heals 255 Life instantly and 35% Life over 3 seconds.20 Gallowvine, 12 Howler Moss, 5 Demon’s Heart, 900 Gold
Strong Healing Vial (Level 60)Heals 378 Life instantly and 35% Life over 3 seconds.27 Gallowvine, 15 Reddamine, 5 Paletongue, 1,700 Gold
Greater Healing Vial (Level 70)Heals 559 Life instantly and 35% Life over 3 seconds.36 Blightshade, 18 Lifesbane, 5 Grave Dust, 5 Angel Breath, 2,500 Gold
Major Healing Vial (Level 80)Heals 827 Life instantly and 35% Life over 3 seconds.27 Reddamine, 27 Biteberry, 27 Blightshade, 27 Lifesbane, 27 Lifesbane, 27 Howler Moss, 10 Angel Breath, 5 Fiend Rose, 5,000 Gold
Superior Healing Vial (Level 90)Heals 1,274 Life instantly and 35% Life over 3 seconds.36 Blightshade, 36 Howler Moss, 20 Demon’s Heart, 20 Grave Dust, 20 Angel Breath, 10 Fiend Rose, 10 Forgotten Soul, 12,500 Gold

That is everything to know about how to upgrade healing potions in Diablo 4 and how to use it to benefit you.

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