How to unlock Cece’s Shop in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


CeCe’s shop is the new fashion shop in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. The new fashion designer is in town and here is how to open Cece’s shop in the game.

Zeda: Tears of the Kingdom
Zeda: Tears of the Kingdom

The fate of the world lies on links shoulder again in the tears of the Kingdom but you ought to look like a warrior in thr game. Don’t worry as Cece’s shop is here with the most trendy outfits for you to equip. players can dress up their character link in many attires there is available in Cece’s shop. You have attires ranging from Monster masks to cool-looking miner outfits. Players can choose any outfit or attire from Cece’s shop according to their taste and equipment for their warrior. Thanks to the town’s most fashionable vendor CeCe is right here in the town in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom for you to up your fashion game.

However, at the moment she is not selling any of her designs due to her ongoing feud with the town’s Mayor, Reede. Both have very different perspectives on the way Hateno village should take. Now it’s on Link to sort out this Feud between the town most top Fashion Vendor and the mayor.

This has led to the shutdown of Cece’s shop in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. This incident has indeed caused a disturbance in the town. Now it’s time for Link to step up and solve this feud with a peaceful ending. This would let you have access to Cece’s outfit on display.

When you arrive in Hateno Village you would be required to be a part of the argument that would take this whole election in q new direction. To do this you have to enter Cece’s shop which is near the Western entrance to the village.

In this cut scene, you will get two principal characters to argue and proclaim an election. After this cutscene, you will be asked to complete the following quests.


  • Team Cece or Team Reede?: You can initiate a conversation with Cece in her shop.
  • A New Signature Food: Speak to Mayor Reede.
  • Cece’s Secret: Speak to Sophie, Cece’s sister.
  • Reede’s Secret: Speak to Clavia, Mayor Reede’s wife.

You will be required to finish all of these tasks before you move on to open Cece’s shop ultimately. Remember that you will have to witness the argument to be able to get access to the quests. After you complete the quest you will be able to start with the Mayoral Election mission.

How to complete Mayoral Election?

Mayor's election challenge
Mayor’s election challenge

Completing this Quest is quite simple as all you have to do is talk to Sophie who is Cece’s sister. She would be standing outside CeCe’s shop like always. After this, there will be a sequence of cutscenes in which all the things that you did in the previous Quest will come to light.

How to open Cece’s Shop?

Cece's shop  in Zelda: Kingdom of the Tears
Cece’s shop in Zelda: Kingdom of the Tears

After the election head back to CeCe’s shop and talk to her. You will be given the final award for completing the quest that is Cece’s iconic hat. Now the town will get back its fashion store with gorgeous outfits and attires that people of Zenda Tears of the kingdom can wear. Thanks to Link’s humble way of dealing with the election situation. Now you too can pull off an iconic outfit from our very own local fashion shop of Cece in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Along with Cece’s hat, you will also get to sell your armor at Cece’s shop. You also can buy attire from Cece’s shop of fashion to wear on some trendy outfits. After all the the savior of the town should also look good. Upon talking to CeCe you will know that she would also be selling copies of armor pieces that you have acquired in the past as a token of gratitude.

Now you can use this feature to get hands-on multiple copies of the same armor in different colors using the dye shop in Hateno.

That is everything to do to unlock Zelda’s tears of the kingdom’s most desirable fashion shop Cece. Now you too can get your wardrobe changed, thanks to this quest.

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