How to Fuse items with Arrows in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom


Here is how you can fuse items with arrows in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom to make them more powerful and have some bonus abilities!

The fusion mechanics allows players to combine arrows with other objects giving them a new combination of weapons. Instead of buying a special Arrow like Fire or Ice, you can craft them on the spot while lining up a shot using materials in their inventory.

This combat trick makes it possible to give birth to a new customized weapon according to your gameplay. You can do so by going to the menu navigation. Remember that the majority of the Melee weapons found near the Hyrule could be decayed. Their hits and bases might be usable but their blades are rusted which could make your fusion Arrow weaker than some of the other weapons you would find in the game. Thus to help you choose the right combination of arrows with your arrows we have listed them for you below. Keep reading to find out

Fuse Items with Arrows in Legend of Zelda: tears of Kingdom
Fuse Items with Arrows in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

How to Fuse Items with Arrows

Here is how to do it. Follow these steps to fuse items with your arrow.

Just like in Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild players can equip their bow and use an arrow by pressing on the ZR button. From here you can fire the arrow of your choice normally but if you want a combination of special arrows you can follow these steps.

  • Press the up button on your D-pad
  • Scroll through your inventory to select compatible materials to fuse with your arrow
  • After scrolling with your right thumb take you can choose and see the properties of the material you want to fuse with your arrow into something new. This will give your Arrow new features like being on Fire, freezing a target on impact, or homing on to target mid-flight.

Now let’s have a look at the best Fuse items that can go with your arrow.

Best Fuse Arrow Items

Monster Material one-handed sword

We suggest using One-handed Sword with a Shield until you have hands-on experience to dodge and Parry. Both pole arms and two-handed swords will give you an edge in the attack. It’s ideal to bring down swarms of enemies in one go Fuse item Monster material like a Bokoblin Horn with your one-handed sword vases.

Start off by joining some monster components to the bases of your one-handed swords, such as a Bokoblin horn.

Rocket Shield

Rocket Shield
Rocket Shield

Rockets are Zonai devices that you can use to speed up your Ultra hand creations throw them into the air but you can also use your shield to shoot you into the sky. You can fly up by holding out your shield with ZL after fusing a rocket to it. It’s important to keep in mind that the rocket disappears after carrying you a short distance into the air, so this method won’t send you to a sky island.

Bomb Flower Arrows

Bomb Flowers arrows fuse items tears of kingdom
Bomb Flowers arrows

These arrows are made by using bomb flowers to arrows. These are your replacement in Tears of Kingdom and they give a high edge. If you ever find a huge army of enemies a well-placed Bomb flower arrow will give a lot of damage to all the enemies. Although they can be found in caves, bomb flowers are more frequently seen in the Depths.

Chuchu Jelly Arrows

Chuchu Jelly Arrows
Chuchu Jelly Arrows

If you do not have bomb flowers you cab fuse Chuchu Jelly to arrows in Zelda Tears of Kingdom as a replacement the red and white varieties give you massive explosive elemental damage for your fight.

Fire gives damage over time if anybody means ignited and electricity will give shock to the Enemies, ice will freeze them. Not all enemies can retain these status effects but it’s always worth testing it.

They give your arrows a homing function so they may easily hit flying opponents, zoom in on a Hinok eyeball, and even take down a specific boss in the Water Temple as it crashes and spins around swiftly. Be it a Keese eye or an Octorok eye, any enemy eyeball can be fused to an arrow.

Eyeball Arrow

Eyeball Arrow fuse items tears of kingdom
Eyeball Arrow

If your weaknesses are your aim and hitting specific targets this fuse item is the best attachment for your arrows. Give your arrows a homing effect and allow them to hit flying targets much more easily.

These are all the best items that you can use with your arrow to make your Arrow more efficient in Legend of Zelda Tears of Kingdom. Now you can too create your own fusion weapons with any of these weapons conveniently to make your gameplay much stronger. You can customize your arrow with these Fuse items the way you like it, thanks to the Fusion mechanics in Legend of Zelda: Tears of Kingdom.

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