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Soul Calibur 6 is a fighting video game that was released on October 19, 2018, for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Since the game’s debut, players have been invested in their distinctive characters. Published by Bandai Namco Entertainment. We are all aware of how important it is to choose a distinctive character when it comes to video games. Each character has advantages and disadvantages, therefore making the right choice will help us win the game.

There are over 20 fighter characters to choose from in Soul Calibur 6. Some of them are downloadable, so if you need them, you can get them. In addition, for the first time in the series, some new warriors are introduced. You may completely personalize your characters in the Soul Calibur 6 game, choosing their costume according to your preferences. To fight the enemies, the fighters are armed with a variety of weaponry. Here is our complete Soul Calibur 6 Tier List.

Soul Calibur 6 Tier List

S+ Tier

Inferno – Inferno is the most strongest character in the game. He is an absolute beast and is considered to be god tier. He is in a tier of its own. You can use him if you want the most easiest time in the game.

S Tier

Raphael – Flambert

Raphael is a highly skilled fighter with a high skill ceiling. This means that when the player’s skill level rises, his viability rises exponentially. He possesses a diverse set of adaptable combos with varied ranges, allowing him to adapt to any situation. Raphael’s dominance in tournaments and ranked games attests to his greatness.

Amy – Albion

Amy with a full stack of Purple Roses is one of the scarier things in Soulcalibur. It takes her a bit to warm up throughout the battle, but once she does, the opponent is doomed to lose. In close quarters, she’s a beast, yet she lacks Raphael’s complete floor control.

Ivy – Ivy Blade

Ivy is the finest at controlling the fight arena in the game. She can demolish opponents who focus on close-quarters with her long-ranged sweeping assaults and long-ranged grab. However, she isn’t particularly powerful in terms of damage, and she may struggle against fighters who use long-range weapons.

Yoshimistsu – Manji Sword and Fu-Ma Blade

Yoshimitsu’s inconsistency stems from two factors: the stage and the player’s ability. Yoshimitsu’s opponent is in for a tough time when the player is skilled enough. He’s a master of deception, with lightning-fast attacks, high damage, and harsh counters. His animations are very quick, allowing you to use them with little preparation.

SoulCalibur 6 gameplay
SoulCalibur 6 gameplay

A Tier

Siegfried – Clockwork

Siegfried is most effective as a counter-attacker, with the ability to shift the momentum substantially in his favour. He’s able to do so because he has outstanding defensive tools and a long range that allows him to dominate space. If Siegfried’s opponent plays tentatively, he will be able to pin them down as well. This may be accomplished with his approach and beginning techniques.

Sophitia – Sword and Elk Shield

Sophitia is an attractive choice even for beginners because of her simple yet solid move set. She has good combos, quick movement, and low-risk initiations that take minimal skill to execute.

Cassandra – Owl Sheild and Omega Sword

Sopithia’s fundamentals are nearly identical to Cassandra’s. Cassandra’s biggest advantage is because she has more offensive close-ranged tools. She works best as a rushdown character, winning the neutral game first and then pinning the opponent in the corner.

Zasalamel – Kafziel

Dealing with Zasalamel, particularly online, is a huge undertaking. You’ll most likely be caught by his moves if your latency shifts even slightly. Aside from that, Zas has a solid neutral game, nice zoning choices, and a potent soul charge.

Cervantes – Acheron & Nirvana

He has a high skill potential, so spending the extra time practising with him is worthwhile. His move set concentrates on mid- to long-range footsies, making him an excellent safe fighter who can also dish out damage.

soul calibur 6 tier list
Fighting in SoulCalibur 6

B Tier

Mitsurugi – Shisi-Oh

Mitsurugi was once regarded as a mediocre fighter. His tournament success, on the other hand, has revealed what his viability ceiling is.

2B – Virtuous Contract & Virtuous Treaty

2B can absolutely wreck opponents who are unaware of her Aggressive Shift. This excellent offense pairs well with her Analysis Points mechanic to bolster her defense as well.

Maxi – Fatibhal

Maxi is a fighter who requires a lot of work in order to flourish. He has a variety of positions, each with its own characteristics. As a result, your opponent will have to work more to adapt to and counter each position.

Hwang – Dark Thunder

He’s a one-of-a-kind fighter, as he’s the only one with the ability to do a lot of guard damage owing to Life Force. His throws are also useful in most scenarios, and they can be used to return to neutral if necessary. The issue with Hwang is that mastering his playstyle requires a lot of adapting on the side of the player.

Astaroth – Kulutues

His attacks and command grabs deal massive amounts of damage. Astaroth’s animations are spot-on, giving him an excellent pick for gamers who want to be precise. His sluggishness is his undoing. The current meta relies around quick attacks and defensive patterns that take advantage of the arena’s area.

Voldo – Manas & Ayus

Voldo is a shrewd fighter with a plethora of mix-up options, making him unpredictable. His damage output is adequate, and his stance transitions add a new depth to his techniques.

Xianghua – Sapara

She’s fundamentally sound, dealing good damage for movements that are generally low-risk. She doesn’t have a lot of burst damage, but she makes up for it with consistent sustained damage throughout the fight.

groh soul calibur 6
Groh in Soul Calibur 6

C Tier

Talim – Savage

Talim is a swing and a miss fighter. On the one hand, she has devastating combos that encourage an offensive-oriented approach. Talim begins to struggle if an experienced player is able to counter this.

Seong Mi-Na – Scarlet Thunder

Seong is the queen of knocking opponents off the ring with her heavy-hitting attacks. She’s a great zoning character who falters in the face of opponents who get up close and personal with her.

Haohmaru – Fugudoku

To catch opponents off guard, Haohmaru adopts a variety of stances. He has strong attacks that hit hard, although he is somewhat one-dimensional in comparison to other fighters. To counter this, you can use his projectiles.

Setsuka – Ugetsu Kageuchi

Slow and meticulous is the ideal way to play Setsuka. She may punish the opponent with a wide range of countermoves. Her soul charge is excellent, and she has some challenging moves that reward those who can properly execute and capitalise on them.

Azwel – Palindrome

Azwel has a good collection of skills, but his damage output is lacking. His redeeming strength is his ability to perform a large number of safe, low-hitting shots to let him compete with other opponents.

D Tier

Kilik – Kali-Yuga

Kilik has decent qualities in practically every facet of the game, but none of them shine. As a result, he is labelled as a “average” fighter.

Nightmare – Soul Edge

Nightmare works best as a counter-attacker. This play style is aided by his Revenge Armor. Despite this, he has trouble dealing with players that are already familiar with the mechanic.

Tira – Shrieker

Tira is likely the least used fighter in the game right now. She has complex mechanics due to her state shifting. She is quite rewarding for those who invest the extra time to master her playstyle.

geralt soul calibur tier lsit
Geralt in Soul Calibur 6

Geralt – Steel Sword & Silver Sword

He is a fighter with a strong foundation. The problem is that he lacks any distinguishing characteristics that would make him dangerous. Beginners will have little trouble mastering him, but his low skill ceiling reduces his value in more competitive games.

F Tier

Groh – Aerondight Replica

Groh feels good enough to play. The problem is that his toolkit doesn’t have a lot of hard-hitting attacks that help secure matches.

Hilde – Gae Dearg & Moralltach

Hilde, as one of the game’s newer characters, still has a lot to prove in competitive matches. Her charge button mechanic is excellent, but her floor control is poor. As a result, she is vulnerable to attacks from a medium to long range.

Taki – Rekki-Maru

Taki’s winning strategy entails being extremely precise with her movement and attacks, as well as surprising your opponent with her flashy and extended combinations. Taki gets dropped to the bottom tier as a result of the latter.

This was our Soul Calibur 6 Tier list. You can use this as a guide to select the best characters available in the game. Our advice would be to select the character that you like playing and just enjoy the game rather than selecting a character based on stats. 

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