Do you know who is the Free Fire Richest Noob? You might be amazed by knowing about this person. Read below to know everything.

Played from a third-person perspective, Free Fire is an online-only battle royale game. The battle royale matches feature up to 50 players parachuting onto an island and searching for weapons and equipment to kill each other. It is the player’s choice where to start the battle and what weapons and supplies they want to take to keep going. An island is seen from the perspective of the player as they fly over it at the start of a game. 

Players can jump wherever they want while the plane is flying. After landing, players must look for weapons and utility items. There are a variety of items on the island that include medical equipment, medium and large weapons, grenades, and other useful items. Players’ ultimate objective is to survive on the island with a maximum of 50 players online, which requires them to eliminate all opponents they encounter on the way and become the only survivors.

There are very pro players as well as noob players in the game. And do you know about the Free Fire Richest noob? In the gaming community, Lokesh Gamer is known as Richest Noob because of the number of items he has and the lack of game skills. Here is everything you need to know about Free Fire Richest Noob.

Who is Free Fire Richest Noob

Free Fire Richest Noob is known for his skill at playing the game. Despite having all the gun skins, bags, characters, elite pass legendary outfits, pets, and many other legendary in-game items, he is extremely bad at Free Fire.

Richest Noob on Youtube

With more than 10.3 million subscribers, Lokesh Gamer is one of the most famous free fire content creators in India. His YouTube channel was launched on 16 November 2017. It has around 490,981,969 overall views.

Lokesh Gamer different modes stats

Squad Mode: In squad mode, Lokesh is the leader of the team known as Team Hind. They have won more than 700 matches in the squad mode with a win rate of more than 36%. The K/D is 2.36 with more than 6250 kills.

Solo Mode: In Solo mode, Lokesh has played more than 1280 matches and won around 130 with a win rate of around 38%. He has around 2657 kills with a K/D of 2.32 in the solo mode.

Duo Mode: Lokesh has played more than 1500 matches in Duo mode and has managed to win around 152 matches only with a win rate of 28.16%. He has more than 2500 kills with a K/D of 1.88. 

Richest noob streaming
Richest noob streaming

Lokesh gamer monthly income

He earns an estimated $14.4K – $230.8K from his Youtube channel alone. Aside from that, streamers also earn money in different ways, and Lokesh has not yet revealed if he is doing anything else to earn more. On his channel, he offers giveaways and provides his subscribers with Free Fire Currency Diamond and Character.

And that is everything you need to know about Free Fire Richest Noob. 

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