Clash of Clans Siege Machines Explained – How to Unlock, Tips, and more


Here is a quick guide on how to unlock the Siege Machines in Clash of Clans, the ultimate defense wrecker. There are six siege machines in the game.

Clash of Clans is a Massive online multiplayer strategy game. The game has an RPG element with quite a lot of grinding elements. Supercell’s first breakthrough game that took over the world, Clash of Clans, has become a legend in the mobile game industry with millions of downloads.

The game has progressed with time and rolled out Town Hall levels with additional content and new troops and spells. Siege Machines are a TH 12 addition, created from the workshop. They are the ultimate wrecking machines that create havoc in your opponent’s bases.

How to Unlock Siege Machines in Clash of Clans?

You can unlock siege machines at Town Hall level 12, with a new building called the Workshop. You can level up the workshop up to 3 levels in TH 12. Each level of the workshop unlocks a new type of Siege machine. The very first Siege Machine you unlock is the Wall Wrecker.

You can also get early access to the Siege machines via Clan donations as long as your clan castle is level 6. So, at TH10+ you can request for siege machines from your clan members.

Keep in mind they are all spell immune, this is to stop them from breaking the game. These machines are already pretty sturdy on their own and adding spells to them would just topple the game mechanics.

Types of Siege Machines in Clash of Clans

There are 6 types of siege machines currently in Clash of Clans,

Wall Wrecker

Wall Wrecker siege machine | Mediareferee
The battering ram

As the name suggests the Wall Wrecker, is a battering ram that wrecks everything in its path. This siege machine exists to deliver the clan castle reinforcements to the enemy town hall.

Level 1 Stats

  • Training Cost: 100000 Gold
  • Hitpoints: 5700
  • Damage: 300

Battle Blimp

Battle Blimp | Mediareferee
The homing missile

This is also like the name suggests a blimp for battle, unlike your regular blimps it is made to absorb attacks. Although from a perspective it is tanky, its hit-points are comparatively lesser than Wall Wrecker. This is like an airborne ram as this machine has a set path toward the enemy Town Hall.

Level 1 Stats

  • Training Cost: 100000 Gold
  • Hitpoints: 3000
  • Damage: 150
  • Damage When Destroyed: 1000

Stone Slammer

Stone Slammer | Mediareferee
The balloon bomber

The names of Siege machines in Clash of clans are very self-explanatory. Stone Slammer is a Balloon that slams stones on the ground. Unlike the previous siege machines, this one does not travel toward the town hall. Stone Slammer is like a heavy-duty balloon as it targets defense buildings and deals AoE damage to walls.

Level 1 Stats

  • Training Cost: 100000 Gold
  • Hitpoints: 6500
  • Damage: 700
  • Damage When Destroyed: 500

Siege Barracks

Siege Barracks | Mediareferee
The mini barracks

This is the most unique siege machine in the game. The siege machine is basically a carrier for additional troop support. This machine is mini barracks that can be deployed on the battlefield. Siege Barracks spawns a Pekka and 6 wizards over time plus the clan castle troops. It is not so much as a tank or damage dealer its only ability is to deploy troops.

Level 1 Stats

  • Training Cost: 100000 Gold
  • Hitpoints: 3300

Log Launcher

Log Launcher | Mediareferee
The wall leveler

As the name suggests this siege machine launches logs like The Log from Clash Royale. Logs are preferred to be used against walls, the range of logs is 20 tiles or 4 buildings. The log launcher’s biggest ability is that it can open up a lot of different wall sections, sections that would not be possible to open up using a wall wrecker or any other siege machine. It has diminishing health after being deployed with 27 secs life at level 1.

Level 1 Stats

  • Training cost: 100000 Gold
  • Hitpoints: 4400
  • Damage: 600
  • Damage When Destroyed: 3200

Flame Flinger

Flame Flinger | Mediareferee
The latest siege machine

This is also one of the diminishing health siege machines. The flame flinger targets defenses so it is more of an assistant to your attacks. Flame Flinger does area splash damage making the spot where the flames drop deal damage. Much like a mortar, this has a lot of range and the damaged area has a burning effect.

Level 1 Stats

  • Training cost: 100000 Gold
  • Hitpoints: 1700
  • Damage: 135

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