Best MOBA Games to Play on Mobile – Android and iOS


MOBA or formally known as Multiplayer Online Battle Arena is arena-based gameplay where you are pitted against equal opponents. Here is a list of the Best MOBA Games that you can play on your mobile.

It is the fairest yet unfair online gaming format. MOBA is a very competitive game and a high-skill requirement game. Bringing you the best of MOBA games to play on your mobile devices, MOBAs have a history of being crack addicting so be ready to be hooked.

We have compiled a list of all the best mobile MOBA games that you can enjoy. The list is not in any rank order or preference list. They are the best you can get on your mobile devices.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (Android | iOS)

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The more adapted MOBA

The mega-hit early adaptation of PC MOBA’s on mobile took the mobile gaming industry by storm. Mobile Legends targets to deliver the best mobile MOBA gaming experience. Needless to say, the game is well balanced and seems to take inspiration from the PC MOBA game League of Legends.

Vain Glory (Android | iOS)

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Fast Paced 3v3 MOBA

The most well-developed and well-designed game to suit the mobile that comes after Mobile Legends Bang Bang. There are 5 unique classes, Assassin, Mage, Protector, Sniper, and Warrior. The game is immersive by design and has won many acclamations for the same. The game is a fast-paced mobile game making it one of the contenders for best mobile games. It is a 3v3 format MOBA, unlike the usual 5v5.

Arena of Valor (Android | iOS)

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Classic MOBA

One of the biggest rivals of Vain Glory is a classic MOBA tower defense with great graphics by Tencent. Being a major game developer in the mobile gaming industry it has attracted a lot of clouts. The runs great and gives a complete MOBA experience. Arena of Valor is similar to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang as both provide a similar 5v5 format tower defense system.

Thetan Arena (Android | iOS)

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Crypto MOBA

Is the unusual crypto-based MOBA, its setup does not include your usual tower defense. The game does have objectives and various play styles. The graphics and art style are a mash-up of Brawl Stars and Overwatch. The game has a variety of different characters tanks, marksmen, and assassins. Since the characters are NFT they can be traded based on their rarity. The game has a stable ecosystem to earn while playing the game.

Pokemon Unite (Android | iOS)

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Niantic Pokemon MOBA

The most highly anticipated mobile MOBA and also the latest addition to the MOBA family. Pokemon Unite is simple it unforgiving like all MOBA’s. We get 5 roles to pick from, their descriptions are quite straightforward as well. The game is designed so that you can intuitively adapt to the playstyle. Pokemon Unite is perfect for beginners in MOBA. You can choose from 39 pokemon to play with. Select your gameplay style and battle.

League of Legends: Wild Rift

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Wild Rift MOBA

Finally, the most awaited MOBA of all, by Riot Games. This is the PC adaptation that people had been yearning for. The game is open for console and mobile, and can also be played cross-platform. All the high-skill competition you crave, designed especially for mobile and console with revamped controls and streamlined matches.

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