What does ‘Swatted’ mean on Twitch – Which Streamers got Swatted?


You may have heard about Swatted or Swatting related to twitch streamers. Do you know what it actually is? Read about it in our article.

The streaming space can be extremely dangerous. As people gain popularity in the streaming space, they are more likely to lose some privacy. While most people don’t care about their personal information, there are those who exploit it for sinister purposes such as “swatting”. 

The term swatting refers to a cruel prank in which someone calls the police on a streamer to claim they have committed a heinous crime. This is done to elicit a response from law enforcement. A SWAT team will arrive at the streamer’s address (hence the term “swatting”). Many of these twitch streamers have also experienced swatting while live streaming. Below, we will tell you more about Swatted and also which Twitch streamers got swatted.

What does ‘Swatted’ mean on Twitch

In recent years, live streamers have been threatened by swatting, which is associated with online communities. The most frequent targets of swatting are streams whose opinions are retaliated against by their audience or who get into feuds with other creators. It refers to the special weapons and tactics teams of law enforcement that respond forcefully to crimes they consider to be in progress. Swatting is increasingly occurring without any apparent reason. Let’s learn step by step about what actually Swatted is.

  • A third party acquires your IP address. The typical method for doing this is to obtain your Skype name or locate your information online.
  • Using the IP address, they can assess where you live and cross-reference that with any other information they find online about you, such as where you went to school, who your friends are, what their area is like, etc.
  • Then they call a local police station and send a threat regarding a bomb or anything big. They might say that the person has killed his/her wife and is saying that he will kill the cops too if they come in between.
  • The police usually respond very heavily to this because they have no idea if the situation is actually that intense. They put assault rifles in the vans, and get to your house. They search you, question you, and point guns at you.
  • When they conclude there is no danger, they normally let you go right away and start looking into where the call came from.
  • In some serious situations, they can even directly shoot at you so it is really a big thing.

Which Twitch Streamers got Swatted?


A streamer known for his Overwatch and Fortnite exploits as well as his rage-inducing tirades, Dellor is well regarded by the gaming community because of his notoriously volatile demeanor. He has made his fair share of enemies over the years because of his notoriously volatile demeanor. 

Dellor, the controversial streamer, was subjected to a SWAT raid in August 2019. While streaming, Dellor was shown abruptly stopping his game to answer a phone call. While on the call, Dellor looked out his window with obvious concern and confusion. 

The streamer then turned and walked away from the camera. Later, Dellor went back to his desk to inform his audience that he had been swatted. Dellor claimed that the scariest event of his life occurred when he saw around 15 automatic weapons pointing at him.



Joshua Peters, who is known as KoppaTroopa, is a former Air Force captain and a popular YouTube streamer for the game “Runescape.” Back in February 2015 while streaming for 60,000 viewers, Peters heard a commotion downstairs. As Peters investigated, he learned that a SWAT unit raided his home, holding his 10-year-old brother at gunpoint after he answered the door. Authorities then detained the streamer until an investigation determined that they had been notified incorrectly.


Gross Gore

Gross Gore, a “League of Legends” streamer based in the UK, was a bit more fortunate than most swatters who end up being detained or held at gunpoint. When Gross Gore — whose real name is Ali Lawson — received a knock at his door while playing a game, he replied. Lawson was shown answering the question with a series of questions from police officers. He invited the officers into his house, even inviting them to sit on his couch to listen to his explanation.

According to Lawson, many viewers sent him food after he accidentally shared his home address on stream, but one viewer must have taken it a step too far by calling in a fake incident at his home. Lawson’s mother appears to speak with the police after the police leave his room after a series of questions.

More names of the streamers who got Swatted

  • Kootra
  • Mhova
  • Summit1G
  • Alliestrasza
  • Bugha
  • Clix
  • Tfue
  • ImperialHal

So these were some streamers who got swatted. It is really a dangerous thing and many streamers wish that this ends as soon as possible as it can be very harmful. 

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