If you are playing Boyfriend Dungeon then you will definitely need the Boyfriend Dungeon guide with some helpful tips and tricks.

A visual novel-style dating sequence allows players to choose whether to accept or decline a date. Boyfriend Dungeon has real-time combat from an isometric perspective. Players can perform different combos depending on their weapon. This fantasy game follows a character living in Verona Beach, where a wide variety of monsters stand in the way of humans. 

The main character fights in dungeons using weapons crafted from humans or other creatures. Dates can be used to increase the power of weapons, although there is also a platonic relationship between the weapon and the cat. Weapons have personalities based on the type of weapon they use. Below we have the Boyfriend Dungeon guide that will give you some of the best tips and tricks.

Boyfriend Dungeon guide: Breakables 

Monsters can be slain, vaults can be found, and hidden rooms can be revealed to elicit a wealth of treasures. The dungeon’s floors are littered with breakable objects like trashcans and cardboard boxes, so you don’t have to use the vaults, hidden rooms, or killing monsters every time to find your items. They can uncover resources, as well as useful combat aids like healing drinks and power-up zines when they break.

Boyfriend Dungeon guide: Character creation

Character creators and artwork themselves are simple to figure out. Don’t worry too much about looks. Looks can be changed at any time in your apartment. Clothing mostly does nothing, but Boyfriend Dungeon does have equipment that matters. Occasionally, hats can have buffs attached to them. The Safety Helmet allows players to carry more health potions when wearing it. Keep in mind that health potions can be soda or bubble tea cans too.

Increase bond levels

Bond levels can be raised in many ways. One of the ways is by visiting the dungeons with them. These dungeons contain small hotspots such as fountains and ice skating rinks that can be used for quick romantic dates. Having a chance to increase these bonds can be achieved by answering questions. Dates can also increase these bonds.

The best thing to do in Boyfriend Dungeon is to focus on building bonds through dungeon runs, regardless of what one is doing on a date or in the dungeon. It’s cheaper to do this than to waste gifts too early in a game. When you have maxed out your bond in a dungeon, you should leave by dying. 

Boyfriend Dungeon guide: Hangouts

Throughout the game, you will face onslaughts of enemies and there will be moments of tension where the battle takes its toll. Fortunately, there are spots called Hangouts where you can take a break and get some quality time with your current companion. These locations can both improve your relationship and help you to get your health restored.

Boyfriend Dungeon gameplay
Boyfriend Dungeon gameplay

Do not go into corners

It’s only logical to master evasive maneuvers if you plan to explore a dungeon by yourself. The smart warrior knows when to retreat against overwhelming odds, and Boyfriend Dungeon will occasionally throw those at you. Enemies often attack in large groups with a mix of melee and long-range weapons so you will have to keep this in mind.

Because you can’t roll through enemies, keep moving, and don’t let enemies trap you somewhere you’re unable to escape. Your main defense is rolling, but it doesn’t shield you from injury. Keep moving so that you can avoid being ambushed.

Destroy the projectiles

It’s easy to get overwhelmed in these battles because there are many monsters all coming at the player at the same time. Rooms can also be small, and deal with projectiles as well. Projectiles can also be dodged and negated with the help of rolling, resulting in a temporary shield that can then be used to block projectiles. Knowing this beforehand is a huge advantage in battle.

You can skip the Challenge Marker event

While exploring, enemies can ambush you at any time and you can find secret rooms hiding huge groups of them. The act of going into a dungeon to face unspeakable horrors is difficult enough without other events contributing. Dungeon floors can be difficult to navigate unless you have some experience.

In addition to using Hangouts, players must also walk into the Challenge Marker to trigger a battle with multiple waves of enemies. The Challenge Marker looks like a glowing sword with two swords crossing it. To go to the second floor or locate vaults, though, you don’t necessarily need to accomplish any of these as they can be incredibly hard.

Boyfriend Dungeon gameplay
Boyfriend Dungeon gameplay

Zine Recipes are great

It’s your weapon companion that is most important, followed by your hat, which serves as armor. There are also two consumables you get: A healing drink and Zine. You get three of each, and either can be used instantly.

There are several effects that zine magic can have, including dealing damage or putting enemies to sleep. It’s the only form of magic you will have access to that isn’t connected to a weapon. To extend your options and choose the one that best matches your playstyle, you must enter vaults in order to obtain other recipes rather than merely searching for new Zines.

Be careful with Dating

It’s important not to be too cautious about dating everyone. You shouldn’t lead people on who aren’t interested in you but there are options to keep the conversation friendly and still raise the level of affection. A good weapon variety is crucial to conquering the dungeons, which is why one shouldn’t choose one partner right away.

Explore carefully

The last tip in our Boyfriend Dungeon guide might be very simple but it is very important. As one progresses through a dungeon or dunj, the level will rearrange itself. One might find a blueprint for gear or a new item between runs. Prior to moving to the next level, it is important to thoroughly scavenge the previous one. Secret entrances should also be kept in mind. Some walls can be broken open with a simple strike to uncover rare loot or encounters.

Boyfriend Dungeon gameplay
Boyfriend Dungeon gameplay

That is all you needed to know from our Boyfriend Dungeon guide. Once you start following this guide and the tips and tricks we have mentioned above, you will definitely see progress in the game.

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