Digimon Survive Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Here is the Digimon Survive guide that has some of the best tips and tricks that will definitely help you in the game.

The humanities extracurricular activities camp, which includes Takuma Momozuka, Minoru Hinata, Aoi Shibuya, Saki Kimishima, Ryo Tominaga, Shuuji Kayama, Kaito Shinonome, Miu Shinonome, etc., is taking place during spring break. 

Aoi, Minoru, and Takuma visit a local temple on the second day to investigate the legend of the monsters (Kemonogami), where a festival will be held to celebrate them. As they explore, Koromon appears and they hear screaming. The group reaches the source and finds their classmates being attacked by Digimon. Koromon digivolves into Agumon and scares the Digimon away. Takuma and the others discover that they are in another dimension at this point.

Digimon Survive
Digimon Survive

A player’s choices will influence the story’s direction, including Digimon’s digivolution process. More than one playthrough can lead to different paths and different digivolutions. A game featuring multiple endings will be available and if you make wrong choices, the characters will be killed. In the game, there are several types of gameplay, including “Drama Parts”, “Search Actions”, “Free Actions”, and “Free Battles”. If you want to know more details about the game then read our Digimon Survive guide as it has the best tips and tricks.

Digimon Survive Guide: Gameplays

The game continues as a text adventure to deliver the tale during “Drama Parts.” The participant in “Search Actions” looks for a means of survival. In “Free Action,” the player has a certain amount of time to decide where to go and who to speak to. The user can access particular regions during “Free Battle” to develop your Digimon and get things.

Digimon Survive Guide: Digivolution

Gamers can choose their Digivolved form in the battle for a set amount of SP, depending on what type of Digimon they are using. Agumon, Falcomon, Labramon, and the other Digimon who automatically befriend them will Digivolve as part of the main story.

Use evolution items carefully

As opposed to main party Digimon, Digimon befriended during Free Battles will require items to Digivolve, rather than items themselves. Players must carefully choose how to use their evolution items because they won’t revert to their original forms after evolving. This applies to Guilmon as well, which gamers can download if they buy Digimon Survive during the first 30 days of its release.

Agumon’s evolution

As players play, Agumon’s evolution path will vary depending on their Karma, and which forms are unlocked depends on the choices they make.

image 453
Agumon talking

Get more partners

You can get more partners in Digimon Survive by going to the Free Battle (Free Bat) area, which becomes available when Aoi goes missing at the end of Part 1. Once in Free Battle, pick the Talk option in the menu to converse with the target Digimon. By clicking the shoulder buttons, you can navigate through the list of all enemies.

As you may already anticipate, the target Digimon will ask you three different questions in succession. There are four possible answers, but only one is correct. By answering the right questions, you’ll fill up a bar above the target Digimon’s head – while answering the wrong ones will lower it. If you reach three bars after answering all three questions, you can befriend or ask the Digimon for a few items.

Digimon Survive Guide: Wrathful Karma 

The truth is not as dramatic, despite the name giving you the impression that Wrathful choices are some sort of bad course for Digimon Survive. Wrathful Karma is awarded to Takuma when you select direct options, placing your focus on the current situation and neglecting choices that emphasize your companions’ feelings.

You receive wrath when you chose to face your problems head-on; when you fought against the odds, ventured into unsafe areas to look for supplies, or probed into the mysteries of your environment. When speaking with and recruiting Virus-type Digimon, Wrathful Karma gives you an advantage.

Digimon Survive guide: Moral Karma

Digimon Survive rewards you with Moral Karma if you assume characteristics associated with Digimon protagonists. The choices granting Moral Karma are those that require you to work actively to overcome danger and do good. The concept of Moral Karma promotes the pursuit of justice over selfish or momentarily helpful actions. It makes it easier to recruit Vaccine-type Digimon by putting justice first. 

select the right answers
select the right answers

Digimon Survive guide: Harmony Karma

It is clear that Harmony is neutral in Digimon Survive. But this does not mean that passive behavior and hedging are the only ways to boost it. Harmony Karma rewards you when you prioritize your companions, their safety, and their emotional well-being. Data-type Digimon corresponds with Harmony Karma, requiring you to play peacemaker, seek solutions to conflict, and try to talk things out whenever possible. 

Avoid wasting Mature Enlightenment Slabs

As well as this, some Digimon evolves into forms that are able to be contacted elsewhere (such as Gotsumon, for example, which evolves into Numemon), whereas others share Digivolutions with main party Digimon (like Falcomon, Biyomon can evolve into Diatrymon). Players can avoid wasting Mature Enlightenment Slabs and other evolution items in Digimon Survive by checking a list of Digimon that can be befriended.

Consider the Success Rate

It’s always a good idea to consider the Success Rate before considering whether or not to befriend a Digimon. However, the Success Rate depends on Digimon’s level and the target Digimon’s level. Weakening the target Digimon before talking to them won’t make you more likely to befriend it. This system is familiar to Shin Megami Tensei fans. However, Digimon Survive follows a much more lenient approach, showing players progress bars and Success Rates.

So this was everything you needed to know from our Digimon Survive guide. By following this guide and keeping in mind all the tips and tricks, you can improve your gameplay and become a better player.

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