Bring you the live updates from GTA online the Criminal Enterprise, the most famous truly open-world, simulation game. Check out the upcoming release date, new missions, and more.

Everything from hot new concept cars to custom bikes, we will cover everything in this patch notes detailed breakdown. GTA 5 has been existing since 2008, with no predecessors the game has given its fans a lot of fun. Especially during COVID when the game was free for a few days. The GTA Online community was buzzing with all sorts of events to enjoy in multiplayer.

GTA 5 Online is the cocaine-jacked world of GTA where you compete with real players. GTA single-player is a challenge against the NPC world, and GTA Online is a challenge against real-world players. GTA 5 Online is also one of the longest-running realistic open-world games available.

GTA Online: The Criminal Enterprise Update Release Date

San Andreas is in trouble with its high crime rate and temperatures. GTA Online’s summer update is set to release on 26th July 2022. The latest Criminal Enterprise trailer is set up in a crisis-ridden state and big business tycoons are trying to take advantage of the situation.

The Criminal Enterprise: GTA 5

So what is in store for this new patch? Executives, Bikers, Nightclub Owners, and Gunrunners are making the most of the chaotic conditions. Crazy new events and missions are all over the map. It’s free reign over San Andreas and all the criminal groups have newer content. Modify your cars and Bikes with detailed custom workshops. New sophisticated missions and daily quests. High crime rate due to gas price inflation, things have never been this crazy before.

New Missions Updates: GTA Online the Criminal Enterprise

Executives now have a special employee, ready to help source additional special cargo. New side gigs for special cargo shipments that arrive daily with a mixed variety of missions. Executive updates now also have a variety of white-collar criminals available statewide.

Rad Bikes GTA 5 | Mediareferee
Crazy new Bike modifications

The bikers and custom bike shops enterprise are getting on-the-house upgrades. Modify clients’ bikes with highly detailed specifications. Bikers will now bolster street cred and bottom lines by completing Clubhouse contracts. Resupply the bar runs will help provide the client with an uninterrupted supply of kegs.

Become a Gun-runner criminal, supply quality goods at a fair price to Ammu-nation. Do daily delivery runs as an additional source of income. 2 New resupply enterprise missions are available for your bunker so be sure to rob the new targets.

Nightclub Owners can contact Yohan for missions to source goods for the nightclub warehouse. Call Tony for supply runs for the nightclub owners. New club management missions to promote clubhouses in new ways. Filter the club by weeding out troublemakers and keeping a vibe check in it.

Become an undercover agent and unlock the secret of soaring high gas prices. IAA smells a criminal conspiracy from the most notorious oil-rich dynasty. Investigate the local petrochemical distributors to uncover the invisible hand at play behind the curtains.

New Cars in GTA Online the Criminal Enterprise

Dodge Monaco | Mediareferee
The bold new green Dodge Monaco

If we look at the new poster of the update, straight off the bat we see two new cars. One is a Lamborghini-inspired Terrano with a lot of customizations. On the left-hand side, we see a concept car between Mercedes and Mclaren SLR Sterling. The car is another fan favorite, with a roofless top, it’s a beast. The Next car comes from the Rockstar website, in their patch notes there is a green car. We identify that car as a heavily modified Dodge Monaco. That can again be seen in the official trailer in another modification style.

The next car comes from the Audi E-Tron GT, again showcased in the official patch notes. Needless to say, the devs have no plans to hide the fact that they have introduced EVs into the game. The next car is from the trailer, an adaptation of Grotti Turismo R with modifications. Along with this car, there is also a car that highly resembles Audi RS E-Tron.

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