Today we bring you the latest codes for Roblox Soul Eater Resonance. Grab all the free limited rewards before they expire!!

This game is inspired from the popular anime Soul Eater. The Soul Resonance technique is used by Meisters with their demon weapon partners. The HUD in this game is similar to most Anime adaptation games in Roblox.

There are 3 paths to playing Soul Eater Resonance, be a weapon, be the Meister or buy and unlock the Witch Class. Weapons further get a choice of being different types of weapons. Witches are the most powerful being and an evolved version of Meister and weapon.

soul eater resonance gamaplay | Mediareferee
As you progress you unlock more moves.

How to play Soul Eater?

It is a Gacha Anime game, so you have game passes for resonance and spins. Use the codes we have provided below for faster progression. As a Meister you only have 2 moves, equipped with a weapon you have 5 abilities. So, it is always preferable to resonate with a weapon.

There are 2 options you get at the beginning, to be a Meister or a weapon. If you dont have time to play, pick weapon so that you can farm levels even when you are AFK. But if you have time and want to play quests, choose Meister. If you have seen the anime you know what these roles are. You level up doing missions and unlock your ultimate at level 35.

As a Witch though your levels will again start from 1. All the classes need to be leveled separately so its like playing 3 different characters.

Soul Eater Resonance Active Codes

Here is a list of all the working codes. Redeem them to receive some free in-game rewards.

  • 3mvisits – free spins
  • Likes20k – free spins
  • 2mvisits – free spins
  • 1mvisits – free spins
  • Friendly – easier resonance
  • Powerhouse – free spins
  • Resetstuff – reset skill points

Soul Eater Resonance Expired Codes

  • likes15k – free spins
  • likes10000 – free spins
  • likes7500 – free spins
  • likes3000 – free spins
  • likes1250 – free spins
  • likes500 – free spins
  • launch – free spins

How to redeem Soul Eater Resonance Codes?

Coupon box | Mediareferee
Enter the code in this box

To redeem the Roblox Soul Resonance codes follow the steps below.

  • Open Soul Eater Resonance in Roblox
  • Select the coupon icon, below the Level bar at the top of the screen
  • Paste a code into the text box from the list given above.
  • Press submit

And that’s it! You will recieve your free rewards shortly. Make sure to redeem them as soon as possible since they do expire quickly. There are a ton of Roblox anime games out there check out our website for more fun games.

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