Hello Games has released the latest trailer of the No Man’s Sky Endurance Update. Here is everything you need to know about the Endurance update.

No Man’s Sky offers action-adventure and survival gameplay from a first-person or third-person perspective. Four primary activities are available: exploration, survival, combat, and trading.In an unexplored cosmos, the player assumes control of a specimen of extraterrestrial humanoid planetary explorer known in-game as the Traveller. In addition to a survival exosuit with a jetpack and a ‘multitool’, they begin on a randomly generated planet near a crashed spacecraft, equipped with weapons and exosuits to mine, gather, attack, or defend themselves against hostile creatures. 

Furthermore, in addition to collecting and repairing the craft, the player can jump between planets and star systems in his local system, engage in space combat with alien factions, or travel between star systems using hyperspace. The player can choose to go to the galaxy’s center at any time during the game’s open-ended nature by following The Atlas’s instructions. 

The No Man’s Sky Endurance Update has been released and went live on July 20. Hello Games has shared the trailer and there are many things that players can expect from this update. In this guide, we will give you all the details that you should know about the No Man’s Sky Endurance Update.

No Man’s Sky Endurance trailer

No Man’s Sky Endurance Update

There are now specialists on your freighters walking around your base. Scientists, engineers, and technicians display their ideas as they patrol the base, while frigate captains and squadron pilots make brief visits between deep-space excursions to your capital ship. A new bridge that enables much quality of life enhancements, such as immediate access to warping and teleportation, will also be brought by endurance.

There are also new interstellar black holes, nebulae, and space atmospherics to explore in No Man’s Sky. Among the biggest improvements to No Man’s Sky is the variety and volume of meteors available in space. It is now possible for players to build windows and portholes on their freighters, allowing them to enjoy these new incredible space vistas. Players can also add exterior sections to their freighters, allowing them to be more flexible or just to admire the universe.

It will also be possible for players to construct expansive freighter farms, complete with specialized cultivation chambers, and to encounter organic frigates and construct their own fleets. Be prepared to find anomalous results when deploying these majestic creatures on fleet missions, however.

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A New Class of Multiplayer Missions

There is also a new class of multiplayer missions coming from the Nexus in the No Man’s Sky Endurance Update. The Space Anomaly is calling for intrepid Travellers to investigate the heavily-guarded Sentinel Pillars, and steal the data on them.

Base Building Changes

There is now an option to manually place base parts that automatically switch between hidden variants, such as wall tops or middles/bottoms, or freighter corridors that bend and add doorways as they form connections. The base building menu’s relevant portions are highlighted and can be enlarged to see all variations.

It is now possible to swap pre-existing parts for any other parts that match their placement conditions while in editing mode, which allows bases to be quickly altered without deleting and replacing them. Even when no component has yet been chosen from the list of parts, players can now easily switch between placement and selection mode.

Other Changes in the No Man’s Sky Endurance Update

The ability to move items around in storage container inventories has been added, and players can now use any inventory to deploy improvements to their fleet expedition. Onboard the Space Anomaly, Iteration Hyperion has developed a new starship technology known as the Flight Assist Override. When traveling in space, this module lessens the impact of automated trajectory adjustment.

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No Man’s Sky Endurance Update hasn’t just upgraded the freighter, but also refreshed outer space’s aesthetics. Among the most significant changes are the expanded asteroids. They’ll appear in larger, dense formations now, with thousands on display simultaneously.

The game’s sandbox isn’t the only thing players can do—they can also explore a new limited-time expedition called Polestar, which takes part in a voyage on a capital ship. Additionally, the Twitch Drops campaign is on its way, offering a new selection of rewards. So these were all the important updates that you should definitely know. 

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