If you are finding the Genshin Impact Nobushi Locations then you are at the right place. You will also learn about the Handguard Farming guide below.

Inazuma introduces Samurai Warriors to all corners of the land of the Electro Archon, ensuring that Genshin Impact players face the might of these ancient warriors. These nobushi and kairagi elite enemies are fun challenges, but they also drop Handguards once they’ve been defeated. Handguards can be used for ascension in Geshin Impact. 

Genshin Impact’s best weapons and characters require handguards for leveling up and Lv.90. Yae Miko, the upcoming Electro Vision Carrier of Genshin Impact 2.5, is the most awaited character yet. Handguards are required for lv.90 Yae Miko to gain full skill leveling. In this guide, we will tell you all about the Genshin Impact Nobushi Locations along with the Handguard Farming Guide.

kill the enemies and pick the Handguard
Kill the enemies and pick the Handguard

Genshin Impact Nobushi Locations 

Most Nobushi samurai enjoy frolicking on the beaches, so you can easily see them if you follow the beaches of each island. Others live in grassland huts. Similarly, some of them could be surrounded by treasure hunter mobs, while in certain situations, others might mysteriously appear as soon as you approach a location. Below are some Genshin Impact Nobushi Locations.

  • Narukami Island (north)
  • Narukami Island (south)
  • Kannazuka (Kujou Encampment and Nazuchi Beach)
  • Yashiori Island
Nobushi locations
Nobushi locations

Genshin Impact Handguard Farming Guide

Ascension materials for Handguard include Old Handguard, Kageuchi Handguard, and Famed Handguard. It’s important to remember that Famed Handguard cannot be obtained without reaching World Level 6. As a result of players being able to fight up to 500 Nobushi every day, the chances of getting Handguards are extremely low. Inazuma is divided into six islands, but only five are filled with Nobushi.

Best Routes

Below we will give you some of the best routes.

  • Glide from the little island to the slightly bigger island after teleporting there. Remember to get to the lowest pin, where there are a few enemies standing over the water.
  • To reach the Waverider Waypoint, proceed to the adjacent Statue of the Seven. To discover enemies, board a boat and travel to the islands to the left.
  • Taking the teleporter to the waypoint underneath the first waypoint, you will find Nobushi and Kairagi to the south and east of this waypoint. Head to the teleport location in the center of the third map and head to the right.
  • You can fight several enemies by going straight from the Statue of The Seven to the smaller islands by using the waypoint directly below the first teleporter. Once you finish there, you can fight some more enemies by using the waypoint below the first teleporter.
  • You should start from the south and work your way north, making sure to clear the smaller island in the west. Follow the waypoint on the fifth map to glide to the coast.

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