Here are all the details about the Cookie Run Kingdom x Disney Crossover that you should know. There are new events, cookies, and more.

Disney’s collaboration with Cookie Run: Kingdom was announced in the Festival of Dreams and Wishes update from Devsisters. In-game and cookie versions of 20 popular Disney characters will be available, including Mickey Mouse, Aladdin, Ariel, Cinderella, Mulan, Snow White, and more.

Disney cookies can be interacted with and 47 Disney-themed limited-edition decorations can be used to decorate players’ kingdoms. The game is available now until September 13, 2022, and voiceovers are available in English, Korean, and Japanese. To know all the details about Cookie Run Kingdom x Disney Crossover, continue reading below.

New Cookies

In this crossover, you will get a new cookie. Cream Unicorn cookie is the brand new playable cookie that will be added to the roster. The Cream Unicorn cookie brings the Disney cookies to the kingdom by wishing on a star for a kingdom filled with new friends. The Cookie witch bakes and delivers all the Disney cookies to the Cookie Kingdom after hearing this wish.

Cream Unicorn Cookies is a great support cookie. After using the “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” skill, the cookie will transform into a unicorn and reduce the damage of normal attacks to the allies and also prevent the enemy’s skill cooldowns.

Special Events

This crossover also has new special events for both fandoms. Disney Cookie World is a stamp event that will encourage the players to take part in Disney-themed activities. Players will have to collect the Disney cookies and put up the Disney decorations.


There are lots of rewards in the Cookie Run Kingdom x Disney Crossover. To get a Disney Magic Cookie Castle, a unique skin that replicates Cinderella’s famous castle, you will have to complete all of the activities. Through the Disney Cookies and Photo Shoot event, participants can also get Disney cookies and decorations. There will be a variety of rewards, including unique video material for every character.

That is all you need to know about the Cookie Run Kingdom x Disney Crossover. It will definitely be a fun crossover when both the universe will come together and the players can enjoy them in one place.

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