Who is Varun Batra in Valorant – Agent 21 leaks, Abilities, and Lore


The Indian Valorant fans are going insane hearing about the Valorant Varun Batra Agent 21 leaks. Is an Indian agent finally coming to the game?

There are a variety of characters that come from different parts of the world in Valorant protocol. From Ghana to Germany, the developers have added a variety of languages, references, and agents to the mix. With the size of the player base in the Philippines, Neon’s release ended up being a major event in Valorant. Now, Riot has added an Indian character to the story to reflect Valorant’s popularity in South Asia.

According to an email from the Valorant PBE, Fade has a connection to a mystery character named Varun Batra. As a result, Valorant fans from around the world can anticipate hearing Indian voice lines in the game. To know all the details about Valorant Varun Batra, read below till the end. 

Message in the mail about Varun Batra
Message in the mail about Varun Batra

Who is Valorant Varun Batra?

The Legion’s new power source, Varun Batra, is mentioned in an email from Fade. This might mean he will become an agent in the game. From Omega Earth, the Legion is a public organization, and Fade has learned some things about it. Varun, according to her, had previously worked for REALM, too.

According to Fade, REALM is a group that recovers historical artifacts from the black market trade. REALM members come from many different countries as well. She ends her email by expressing her concern over Legion hiring a specialist in antiquities.

Valorant Varun Batra abilities

Due to Varun’s name which resembles “Varuna”, the Hindu God of Oceans with the ability to control rain and water, there have been speculations that he will have water-based abilities in the game. Furthermore, developers had also hinted at the appearance of a water-based agent. 

According to his abilities, he fits the role of either Sentinel or Controller. Since they likewise have the fewest agents like these, adding one to them would be appropriate. For now, we can just try to join the dots and make guesses as there is no official statement or announcement from Riot Games.

Additionally, a new symbol can be found in the Practice Range that can be possibly connected to the Valorant Varun Batra. The symbol is reminiscent of the Hamsa hand, symbolic of the five elements in Hinduism: air, earth, fire, ethereal, and water. Astra is the ethereal element, Sage is the earth element, Pheonix is the fire element, and Jett is the air element. There is only one thing missing: water, which is why players think the new agent will be of the water element.

New symbol
New symbol


Although Varun’s character is undoubtedly a conversation starter, he does not have to be an agent. Several characters have appeared in the Kingdom’s email but never appeared in-game. They are crucial to the leadership roles in Omega Earth and Kingdom but have no bearing on gameplay. Also, Riot rarely ever drops the names of main characters in emails before a game’s release. 


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