Cross Summoner R Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Are you new to Cross Summoner R and facing problems? Do not worry, our Cross Summoner R guide will help you with all the tips and tricks. 

The Role Playing Game Cross Summoner: R lets you meet and recruit a massive roster of charming and adorable characters. Hundreds of fascinating characters await your interaction and addition to your roster. Learn how each character got to where they are today, discover their personal story, experiment with different hero lineups and combinations, and become a hero like no other. Find amazing new synergies that can increase your combat effectiveness. You’ll be able to dominate your opponents with a winning strategy and clever tactical change-ups. 

With stunning combat animations and visual effects, you can experience thrilling PVE action in this thrilling game mode. Get the greatest armor and weapons you can discover by completing missions and challenges. For pride, fame, and limitless wealth, ascend the never-ending tower and vanquish the adversaries there. In order to become the best, you will need our Cross Summoner R Guide as it has the best tips and tricks for you.

Collect different characters in the game
Collect different characters in the game

Cross Summoner R Guide: Entering the battle is simple

It is possible to select which characters to send into battles before entering into battles, and then, after selecting the main force, the player can enter the battle with the troop they chose. For participants to participate in fighting here, a certain amount of stamina (represented by hearts) will be charged. In each of the two rounds, players must eliminate all opponents by depleting their health within the allotted time.

Cross Summoner R Guide: Summoning

There is a summoning system that is very popular among the players because by using certain in-game specialties, players can summon new heroes. But since this comes as a gacha system, players cannot predict the results. Therefore, it depends on your luck when it comes to summoning. 

Cross Summoner R Guide: Breakthrough

In this game, players can use breakthroughs to enhance their characters’ stats such as Physical Defense, Attack, Stamina, and Magical Defense. But to achieve this, players will need several resources that they can collect through battle rewards. As a result, the players need to find and collect these resources in order to perform breakthroughs in specific attributes. 

However, the game has made it simple by showing you where to find each resource. Therefore, when you make a breakthrough, the character’s traits and power will both rise. This is why you need to be sure to enhance the characteristics and finish the breakthrough procedure.

Upgrade the characters
Upgrade the characters

Be ready before you go into the battle

As a player participating in a battle, players need to pay attention to several things, such as the recommended power, the level, etc. It won’t do you any good if you participate in a match without checking these things, so always keep this information in mind. If you neglect this and don’t check the power or other things, you might end up facing a brutal defeat. 


In Auto-Battle mode, players can set their characters to act according to their preferences so that the battles happen automatically without their participation. The auto-battle helps you a lot in saving some time. When you feel that you are really strong compared to the opponents, you can just keep it in auto-battle mode as your characters will do their job of getting you a victory. 

Do not forget to gear upgrade

Upgrades to gear are another way to enhance the characters’ attributes; the players need gold in order to perform the upgrade. Be sure to collect enough gold before upgrading the gear pieces. 

Understand the sweep function

This game has a new feature called the sweep function, which many players are unaware of. The sweep function allows a player to gain the same rewards after completing a specific stage. It will cost you stamina each time you perform this sweep function, just like participating in battles. But players can only use the sweep function once in each stage so keep that in mind.

With this function, if the player needs to collect a particular resource, it can be easily gathered without engaging in battles repeatedly since it allows the players to recollect the same rewards from completed stages.

Upgrade the skills

By upgrading their characters’ skills, players can increase their overall performance, and upgrading their characters’ skills will be very helpful in battles because they will be able to defeat enemies more easily. With more skills your character will be stronger and will have a greater chance to stand against the stronger enemies. 

Cross Summoner R gameplay
Cross Summoner R gameplay

Get EXP juice 

A character’s level can be increased by leveling up, and EXP (experience) juice can be used for specific attributes to increase the character’s level. These EXP juices can be used by players to obtain the necessary experience points to level up their characters.

Create a Guild

In this game, you can create a guild and play with friends. Players who join a guild will gain access to a unique shop, guild quests, and lots of other things. They will also have the chance to participate in a variety of new content that is unavailable to solo players.

So that is all you needed to know from our Cross Summoner R guide. If you follow the guide carefully then you will definitely see improvement in your game. 

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