How to find Apex Legends Treasure Packs and unlock Rewards

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Do you want to know how to find Apex Legends Treasure Packs and unlock rewards? Our guide below will help you out.

You can collect a treasure pack every day in Apex Legends because it’s a random drop that appears during gameplay. The treasure packs were introduced in Season 5 and have been a staple in the game ever since. These treasure packs can be collected in addition to the season pass so that you can progress your rewards track.

With each treasure pack you collect, you gain a level in the seasonal quest, and as you progress, you’ll be able to earn skins, crafting materials, gun charms, and comic books. It’s not just the rewards that make Apex stand out each season; it’s the comic pages that help further the world lore and hint at future content that make it so special. So, how to find Apex Legends Treasure Packs and unlock rewards? We have got you covered in our guide below. 

Treasure pack
Treasure pack

How to find Apex Legends Treasure Packs

You just need to play like you normally would in Apex Legends to find Treasure Packs. As you hunt for loot, open up every Supply Bin you can, and an orange-red box may pop out from one of them eventually. You can’t miss it because it’s outlined in a large red banner, just like a pair of fully charged Evo Shields.

If you see one, pick it up and ignore it until you’re done playing. In about two to three games, you should be able to find one, since they don’t take up any inventory space. After the match ends, you can see what’s inside. They’re pretty common, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding them. Playing competitive matches like Duos, Trios, and Ranked will help you find a Treasure Pack. When unlocking loot caches, Treasure Packs can be found at random. If you’re successful, one will spring out and fall to the ground for you to collect.

Things to keep in mind

A Treasure Pack can only be obtained once per day. This means that if you’re not playing consistently, you may not be able to get the maximum number of Treasure Packs, but it doesn’t take much to find one. Essentially, Treasure Packs make a daily login reward, though you do have to work harder to get them than other games that just give them out automatically. 

The rewards are geared towards cosmetics, except for the PvE Hunts, so if you don’t find them all, you won’t miss out a lot, but those who play more will see greater benefits from them. You shouldn’t leave your team for these since they’re common enough, so don’t break your team for them. Just pick them up when you can.

Rewards in Apex Legends Treasure Packs

Treasure pack rewards
Treasure pack rewards
  • XP
  • Apex Packs
  • Crafting Materials 
  • Season Pass rewards

So this was everything you need to know about Apex Legends Treasure Packs.

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