How to Change Difficulty Level in Remnant 2



Changing difficulty levels in Remnant 2 can be tricky. Find out the steps in our guide and unlock all difficulty levels in the game.

Remnant 2 is a challenging survival thriller where you explore a horrific world and kill zombies. There are plenty of biomes, dungeons, and worlds. You have to complete all main campaign stories to progress to the higher levels. Remnant 2 also has a co-op mode and you can play with 8 friends. Co-op multiplayer mode lets you dominate dungeons and boss fights. Choose a class and unlock the archetypes to enhance your stats and powers.

Every enemy in Remnant 2 has different skills and you will tussle against higher-level elite enemies as you progress in the game. As of now, you can play with 4 difficulty levels in Remnant 2 and this can be changed as well. You can always change your difficulty levels, but you will lose all progress and the entire campaign will be reset as well. Here’s how you can switch difficulty levels in Remnant 2 along with the best difficulty to play.

Steps to Change Remnant 2 Difficulty Levels

The four difficulty levels are Survivor, Veteran, Nightmare, and Apocalypse. You start as a Survivor and this is also the best difficulty level for every beginner of Remnant 2. Here are the steps and procedures to change your difficulty levels,

  • Play all main campaign missions and also unlock the Ward 13 Area Zone
  • Travel to Ward 13 and find the World Stone
  • You can interact with the Stone and unlock the World Settings
  • Choose the Reroll Campaign option and now you can change your Difficulty levels easily
Remnant 2 difficulty

Once you change your Remnant 2 difficulty levels, your entire progress in the game’s campaign mode will be lost and reset as well. You will be able to retrieve some weapons, perks, skills, and quest items after changing difficulty levels. 

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That’s how you can change difficulty levels in Remnant 2. It’s always recommended that you play on a single level. Always prefer the easiest level. Apocalypse is the most complicated difficulty level and you can unlock this immediately after beating the game in one of the other 3 levels. The only difference between Remnant 2 difficulty levels is you can get more Exp, HP, and Damage stats along with rewards for each kill. This keeps increasing at every difficulty level of the game.

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That’s everything you need to know about changing difficulty in Remnant 2. Follow these steps and explore every difficulty level. The two primary game modes are Campaign and Adventure. Play in these modes and explore the magical world with your friends. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

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