Remnant 2 Co-op Multiplayer Guide – How to Play With Friends?



Explore the horror-filled dungeons of Remnant 2 and other locations in every biome with your friends together. Here’s the best co-op mode guide and tips for every beginner in Remnant 2.

Remnant 2 is a gripping horror game. This third-person shooter lets you explore plenty of biomes and dungeons. Remnant 2 has upgraded features and content when compared to the previous edition. The puzzle quests, scintillating soundtrack, stunning visuals, and powerful classes make Remnant 2 a top-notch game. Remnant 2 has included the most expected co-op multiplayer mode feature as well. You can play with 2 friends on any platform and cross-platform feature is supported as well.

Hunting devils and bosses in the world of Remnant 2 gets easier with your friends as you can assign different roles and dominate the game as well. You can travel together and find quests and locate quest items as well. But there are several prerequisites that every player needs to complete to unlock the co-operative mode of Remnant 2. Here’s all about the co-op mode in Remnant 2 along with some tips and tricks to play with your friends.

Remnant 2 Co-op Multiplayer Mode – Best Tips and Tricks!

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You can invite friends to your lobby after completing the tutorial missions of Ward 13. The tutorial missions of Ward 13 will also reveal more information and you will find the guidelines as well. Similarly, you can join others in invites as well. The co-op settings allows you to choose between Public and Friends Only. You can join or invite players from any clan in Remnant 2 with the Public settings and the Friends Only settings will only allow players of your lobby.

Once you complete the tutorial campaign missions at Ward 13, you can simply invite friends from the main menu settings. And, if you are joining other clans, you have to click on the Join Game at World Stone.

Here is how you can invite friends to your lobby on Remnant 2 on all platforms.

  • Windows- For PC you have to tap  Shift+F3 and invite players to your private lobby
  • PS5 –  For PlayStation 5 users, you can create your own party and invite players to your lobby. Click the Start Party option and invite players 
  • Xbox  – Explore the Party Chat menu and invite players to your lobby

That’s how you can unlock the co-op mode and invite friends to your lobby in Remnant 2. Playing with friends can be fun and thrilling. You can explore all dungeons and biomes. Completing every challenge in Remnant 2 becomes a simple task with your friends. The loot is also shared equally and you can find them in your inventory as well.

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The best co-op strategy in Remnant 2 is to play as a group and assign a role to every member in your party. You can include players from every Archetype and Class. One can attack, one can heal, and the rest can support and play the defensive role. Overall, the co-op mode in Remnant 2 is absolutely fun and intense. You can’t go solo everytime as the dangerous demons in all biomes are scary and powerful. Unlock the Remnant 2 Co-op mode and play together to level up faster as well.

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That’s everything you need to know about the co-op multiplayer mode of Remnant 2 in our guide. We will come back with more interesting updates soon. Here’s the official Remnant 2 glimpse that takes you to the horror-filled world and dungeons. Remnant 2 is available only for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation platforms currently.

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