How to Find Soul Sparks in Remnant 2?



Embark on a quest to find Soul Sparks in Remnant 2 with our expert tips. Learn where to search, how to gather them, and utilize their power to enhance your journey.

Remnant 2 is a co-op survival thriller that takes place in dungeons and biomes. Remnant 2 is all about hunting demons and wiping out the dark force on every world map. There have been many bosses and monsters in the dark world. You have to kill every enemy to unlock crafting resources and materials. There are plenty of quest items in every dungeon of Remnant 2. These quest items are scattered in all dungeons and they spawn only when you get closer. Finding them can be a difficult challenge as well.

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The quest items serve as a key to many boss fights and hidden treasure chests. Soul Sparks is a primary quest item that you can find in the new N’Erud world. Soul Sparks will be available in different locations every time and finding it can be an issue. Sometimes you can spot it on the ground, sometimes it spawns near all trees and sometimes you can find it near walls. This makes it harder for all survivors in the game. Here are the best locations to find Remnant 2 Soul Sparks.

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All Remnant 2 Soul Sparks Locations

Remnant 2 Soul Sparks
Soul Sparks Location

There are numerous quest items. This Soul Sparks is a story quest item that can be used for progressing in the game as well. Soul Sparks doesn’t spawn in a. single place and this makes it harder for survivors to find one. But the good thing is Soul Sparks spawns only in and around N’Erud main locations. You can find it in different spots each time. Here are all locations to find the Soul Sparks item,

  • You can find one in the lab of EON Vault Zone. This can be accessed from the northeast of N’Erud
  • Explore the desert regions to find one. The chances are low here as you don’t get many quest items.
  • You can find near buildings and walls of Hatchery Dungeon. This is a primary spot where the quest item spawns regularly
  • You can search in abandoned buildings, caves, and forests of Putrid dungeon
  • Apart from all these locations, you can also search in random buildings and other areas in N’Erud

These are the best locations to find and collect the Soul Sparks item. Soul Sparks, the quest item can be used to complete various quests and also unlock some boss fights of Remnant 2. Defeat enemies that spawn your way and collect the item to level up in the main story missions.

Every quest item in Remnant 2 will be located everywhere and it spawns in different locations as well. Finding these quest items is a challenging task than completing the regular quests itself.

You can also give the Soul Sparks item to the NPC boss, Tal’Ratha and unlock some exclusive rewards as well. Tal’Ratha is a world boss and you can tussle against him after completing main campaign missions.

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