How to Beat the Typhon Boss in Final Fantasy 16?



Equip yourself with the knowledge and tactics needed to overcome the Typhon boss, utilizing our battle-tested strategies to claim victory in Final Fantasy 16.

Final Fantasy 16, the action RPG, has been launched. The makers of FF 16 have also brought many features and content from previous editions. You take on the role of Clive in a new adventure across the fictional world of Valisthea. FF XVI has many quests and boss fights. Clive can use his basic skills and magic to overcome every battle. Completing boss fights is essential as it helps you progress through every chapter easily.

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Typhon is a primary boss fight in the new edition. Typhon, a powerful Eikon has various attacks and projectiles. It has also appeared in previous FF editions as well. Typhon returns with more powers and skills in Final Fantasy 16 and beating them can be a challenging task for your heroes. Here’s all about the Final Fantasy XVI Typhon boss fight along with some tips and tricks in our guide.

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Final Fantasy 16 Typhon Boss Fight – Guide and Tips

The battle begins once the monsters of Typhon spawn. Typhon with his rugged voice will threaten Clive. You have to wipe out his enemies first. You can equip weapons and skills. Initially, you fight as Clive and once Typhon loses focus, the battle will be between Ifrit vs Typhon. You have to clear two phases to kill the Typhon Boss 

Phase 1

Initially, you have to kill its enemies at the same time Typhon will start unleashing crystal balls, and projectiles, and will also launch purple colored circles. Make sure Clive doesn’t stand in any of these as they can explode you in a second. Use your best ranged weapons and deal massive damage. You have to stagger him in regular intervals and keep an eye on his monsters as well. They will keep spawning and it will take a longer time than usual. Use a shield and unleash the best damage dealing skills. Typhon will use his melee and projectiles in the initial phase. Keep attacking from one end and clear all monsters in a quick time.

The entire arena will be filled with the boss’ projectiles and attacks. Typhon will slam the ground and unleash more crystal waves. You have to block and dodge its attacks. Phase one is all about killing its monsters and surviving the battle. The boss will also unleash spin combos and laser attacks. You can counter them only using a powerful skill. The battle moves to phase two once Typhon loses half his health and also make sure to kill all its monsters.

Final Fantasy 16 Typhon
Final Fantasy 16 Typhon Boss

Phase 2

Typhon will unleash slam attacks and create a fire wall full of flames. Don’t run in the area where he releases flames. Keep attacking him and stagger him. Once you deal more damage, Ifrit will spawn. Ifrit gets access to various combat techniques like Firelight healing potions, fireballs, and wildfire. These can stun Typhon for a while. 

Typhon will be more aggressive and he will start releasing more shockwaves and flames, you can also use Ifrit Hellfire abilities in between. It will also unleash powerful charged attacks, you can simply block them. 

Have an eye on its health bar, the more it goes down, your chances of winning the boss fight will be higher. You can use skills ike Rising Flames and Burning Blade as these are the best counterattacks against Typhon in last phase. Once Typhon’s energy goes near 0, you have to perform both Cinematic Evasion and Cinematic Clash. This will end the fight and a cutscene prompts to confirm the same. Once you beat and kill Typhon, you also get some rewards like Ability Points, Gil, and XP.

That’s how the Final Fantasy 16 Typhon boss fight goes. Implement these strategies and tricks to defeat the dangerous boss. We will come back with more interesting updates soon. 

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