Top 10 Games To Play if You Like Human Fall Flat



Discover a collection of games that capture the same wacky physics-based gameplay and hilarious moments like Human Fall Flat, providing endless laughter and entertainment.

Human Fall Flat is a puzzle platform game from the team of Curve Digital Games and No Brakes Games. The game is set in floating dreamscapes and you can play with 7 friends. Your goal is to complete puzzle-based challenges. The game is fun and will entertain you like nothing does. You can travel across mountains, snowy plains, castles, Aztec adventures, mansions, nightscapes, and industrial locations as well.

You can play as a Builder, Chef, Miner, Skydiver, Astronaut, and Ninja as well. Players can equip colored outfits and customize your characters. Human Fall Flat is a laugh riot and has some amazing features and colorful characters. This is also one of the best games that provides wholesome entertainment. There are plenty of games like Human Fall Flat to play right now. Check out the top 10 games like Human Fall Flat to play in 2023.

Best Games Like Human Fall Flat

Here are some funny, uncanny, and amusing games to play if you like Human Fall Flat.

Gang Beasts

Gang Beasts from the team of Boneleaf is a fun party game. In this game, you can find jelly-like characters. The story takes place on the streets of Beef City. There are two primary in-game modes. One is the gang game mode and here you can fight against gangs of the Beef City. The other one is the melee game mode and here you fight against local and online enemies. The goal here is to knock out enemies using basic combat techniques like kicking and punching. Even the knocked out enemies can still come to the arena. Complete all stages and level up. Overall, Human Fall Flat is a fun and colorful party game from Boneleaf with unique features and battles.

Pico Park

Pico Park from TECOPARK is a multiplayer puzzle adventure game. The game’s co-op mode allows up to 2-8 players. You have to complete all 48 levels to complete the chapter. There will be gimmicks in each level and these make it a tricky challenge. Your goal is to find the keys, unlock the door, and make all players reach their destination. Play against friends and the one who scores the most points will be the winner. You can also play as a team and complete all levels more easily. Pico Park also has a world mode where you take part in 12 different sets. You have to find all keys, unlock doors, and progress to new levels.


Overcooked from Team17 Digital Ltd and Ghost Town Games Ltd is a chaotic cooking game. In this casual couch co-op cooking adventure, you have to play as a team. Your role is a chef and to prepare a variety of dishes for customers. You also have to be the savior of the Onion Kingdom. Explore all kitchens and complete new orders. Take part in daily quests and unlock new recipes and ingredients. You can cook a variety of dishes. Overcooked will be a great experience and you can be the best chef as well.

 Among Us 

Among Us is a space survival and party game from Innersloth. The game’s co-op supports 4-15 players. Your goal is to build, upgrade, and launch your spaceship. You have to work as a group and achieve the landmark as well. But you also have to be cautious as one among your crew members will betray you from completing the mission. You have to detect suspected impostors and throw them out.

Complete missions, earn rewards and keep progressing in the game. Among Us is an amazing colorful simulation game that’s engaging from the word go.

 Stumble Guys 

Stumble Guys is a 3D colorful battle royale game from the team Scopely. You along with 31 players will be playing a challenge where your goal is to clear all obstacles and reach the destination. The winners get a Crown as a reward. You have to run fast and reach the goal. You can dash and slide down opponents while running. There will also be 17 obstacle courses. These obstacles will be unique and you have to carefully run. You also get emotes and outfits as rewards.

Untitled Goose Game 

Untitled Goose Game is a stealth-based puzzle game from House House and Panic. In this co-op game, you play as a cheeky goose in a village. Goose does not like people in the town and your role is to keep disturbing them. You can play with another friend and do notorious things. You can visit all locations of the town including people’s houses, backyards, back gardens, shops, and more. Ruin their everyday life by honking, stealing hats, knocking on their doors, creating chaos, and setting pranks as well. You play as a horrible goose and make people’s lives horrible.

Ultimate Chicken Horse 

Ultimate Chicken Horse from Clever Endeavour Games is a party platformer game. The game has a local multiplayer and you can play as animal buddies. You have to complete 18 custom levels. You can play as Horse, Chicken, Raccoon, Sheep, and more animals as well. 

The game is between you and your friends. Place blocks and hazardous blocks so that your mates struggle to reach the end of levels. The winner takes all points. A funny puzzle platformer game and you have to deceive your friends with traps. Get more scores and unlock new rewards as well.

Hidden In Plain Sight 

Hidden in Plain Sight is a local co-op multiplayer indie and party game from the team of Adam Spragg. Here you enter a village and spot a handful of AI characters. All NPCs look similar and you have to eliminate opponents in the crowd. Anyone can eliminate anyone. You can use a gun or other weapons to eliminate your opponents. Knock out one after the other and be the sole survivor as well. There are plenty of game modes and every challenge will be fun and intense. Anyone can camouflage and the task is how you find the enemies.

Run Sackboy! Run! 

Run Sackboy! Run! is an arcade runner game from PlayStation Mobile Inc. In this game, your role is to save Sackboy, the knitted hero. The challenges take place in a handcrafted world, Negativitron. You have to run, dash, and beat enemies. You can use gliders and power-ups to complete challenges. Unlock new skins, avatars, costumes, and stickers as prizes. You can also play with your friends and explore a funny world. Use all available skills and techniques to overcome battles and win challenges in the game as well.

Super Bunny Man 

Super Bunny Man is a physics-based puzzle game from Catobyte. The plot is all about a funny guy in a rabbit costume. You have to reach new levels and complete challenges. The techniques for challenges are running, grabbing, and jumping. Play with 3 friends and enter new wormholes. Find all hidden carrots. You also have to cross various obstacles like traps, boulders, spikes, and pitfalls. Embark on a bunny adventure and become the super bunny man by completing all challenges.

Playing with friends will be the ultimate experience. As you can find all carrots, explore different wormholes, and even if you are trapped, your friends can rescue you. Overall, Super Bunny Man is all about a bunny madness adventure and a roller coaster ride.

These are the top 10 games like Human Fall Flat. You will enjoy these games if you loved playing Human Fall Flat.

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