Roblox Royalty: Discover the Best Roblox YouTubers of 2023

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Dive into the world of Roblox with these top-notch YouTubers who provide entertaining and informative content for players and fans alike.

Roblox is easily the numero uno when it comes to online gaming platforms. Roblox has lakhs of games that you can play on PC, Android, and iOS. You can find the best set of games from all genres here that range from thriller, horror, anime, adventure, action, fighting, sci-fi, and racing. Anyone can create and launch their games on the platform. It’s a platform to show your gaming skills and monetize from it. Many small creators, indie developers, and popular developers have unleashed their games on the platforms over the years.

Every year, thousands of Roblox games are getting launched by several unknown and novice developers. Some have even become popular by playing Roblox games. You can play games, shoot them, and post the videos on YouTube. 

Roblox has been a platform for everything. Many popular YouTubers have raked in a huge moolah by posting Roblox gameplay videos on YouTube. You can follow these Roblox YouTubers as a beginner to embark on a successful journey in the platform. Here are the best active Roblox YouTubers in 2023. 

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Top 10 Roblox YouTubers in 2023 

Here are some notable Roblox YouTubers. You can watch their gameplay videos and become a pro Roblox player easily. All it takes is efforts, skills, and a positive trait.


Justin or popularly known as Think Noodles, from Texas, is a renowned Roblox YouTuber.  He started with Minecraft and other games before playing Roblox. His father inspired him greatly and is also one of the reasons for his successful journey as a Youtuber. A skilful YouTuber with a freakish name and tremendous content made him a renowned face.

He has more than 95L subscribers. Follow his ThinkNoodles YouTube channel and you can find some amazing Roblox gameplay tips and tricks. Besides being a YouTuber, he also actively creates content for various organizations and esports clubs. His popularity and fame has always been top-notch especially among youngsters and kids. ThinkNoodles keeps attracting teenagers with unique gameplay videos of various popular and challenging games of Roblox. This has also been his strength over the years.


Albert Spencer Aretz, the popular YouTuber from Haddon Heights, New Jersey has been one of the best Roblox vloggers over the years. His perception of games can be witnessed by watching his videos. His YouTube channel, Flamingo, has more than 10m subscribers and he’s an active Roblox player as well. He creates content and gameplay videos on almost every Roblox game. His strategies and views are entirely different and these have made him stand tall over others.

His net worth is more than $20 million over a decade. He’s an inspiration for upcoming Roblox players and YouTubers as well. Watch out for his conducive Roblox content and enhance your gaming skills as well.


LankyBox features Justin and Adam, the entertainers from Seattle. The duo has been a favorite for many youngsters and kids. They have been streaming Roblox content actively. Their YouTube channel has 6m followers and they also make videos on animation and comedy. The youngsters have been in the limelight ever since their debuts and possess a great knowledge of many games including Minecraft and Roblox. They are always selective on videos and post videos regularly. Their content include most challenging games, guides, and missions as well.


Benjamin Dreyer Vestergård, the Danish YouTuber has been here for more than a decade. He focuses only on Roblox and uploads videos on all action and adventure games. Crainer uploads videos on a daily basis and he also streams videos on the Twitch channel. His content includes gameplay, mission guide, and tips. Crainer is an emerging vlogger and his skills are on the next level as well.


Katherine La, the Vietnamese Canadian YouTuber focuses on anime and adventure games from Roblox. She’s not an experienced YouTuber, yet her fan following and reach have been phenomenal. ItsFunneh YouTube channel has 10m followers and you can watch the gameplay videos and updates of Roblox regularly. Katherine La has earned over $10 million in the last 2 years. Watch her gameplay videos and upgrade yourselves in Roblox. You can find many unknown games and gameplay videos on her channel. All of her videos have been viral.


Kevin Edwards or otherwise known as GamingWithKev is a Roblox YouTuber. Kevin has 9m followers and he’s on a different track. Kevin Edwards primarily focuses on scary and thriller games from Roblox. He shares tips and tricks for all beginners and you can find multiple tutorial videos on his channel, GamingWithKev. He hails from Bakersfield, California. Kevin also got nominated once for the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards and he’s also won some other gaming awards as well.


Alexandra Jennifer or InquisitorMaster has created viral Roblox content over the years for many e-Sports organisations. She has been an active YouTuber since 2019 and hails from Mississippi, America. Her YouTube channel, InquisitorMaster has 10m subscribers and she actively engaged with users as well. Her gameplay videos are top-notch and she’s earned around $10m already. She provides quality stuff and plays a variety of Roblox games as well. Watch her videos and know some unknown secrets about the Roblox games which will tempt you to play more games on the platform.


Karina Kurzawa, KarinaOMG, or GamerGirl is a popular YouTuber. She has been active for more than 7 years. Karina posts Roblox and Minecraft gameplay videos. Her playing style is unique. GamerGirl is also active on her Twitch. She’s also a content creator for various games like LoL, Minecraft Series, Squid Games, and more. Her YouTube channel, GamerGirl has garnered over 6m subscribers and you can find a lot of viral content over there.


Elijah Peter Best aka Sketch is a highly rated YouTuber from Massachusetts. He’s been associated with many renowned YouTubers and popular e-Sports organizations apart from streaming videos on YouTube. His YouTube channel, Sketch, has 5m subscribers, and he primarily shares gameplay, tips, updates, and strategies. He doesn’t focus on a single game, as he loves to explore each and every game in the Roblox platform.


Zack or Poke, is an American YouTuber. He’s been associated with many renowned YouTubers as well. Poke, his YouTube channel has 5m subscribers and he posts almost every update related to Roblox. He’s also active on Twitch and streams videos regularly. His insights about Roblox games have been mind-blowing. He’s evolved as a flawless player over the years and his experience has earned him everything. Watch his Roblox videos and you can witness his sharp skills and perception of the games.

The top 10 Roblox YouTubers have been listed here. Watch out for their videos and tips to enhance your gaming experience. We will come back with more Roblox updates and guides soon.

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