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Starfield Twistfin

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We recommend reaching at least level 20 before challenging Starfield Twistfin. This ensures you have the necessary skills and stats to face this powerful enemy.

The Twistfin is one of the most dangerous enemies you’ll face in Starfield, a game with an expansive and exciting world. This snake-like behemoth is a level 25 boss that is known for its powerful weapons and amazing speed. To beat The Twistfin, you not only need to be good at fighting, but you also need to do a lot of planning. In this guide, we’ll give you the tips and methods you need to beat this tough enemy.


Preparing for the Battle with Starfield Twistfin

Level Up Strategically

Before you engage Starfield Twistfin in combat, ensure that your character is at a sufficiently high level. We recommend reaching at least level 20 to stand a fighting chance. Undertaking the battle prematurely could result in swift defeat.

Arm Yourself to the Teeth

The Twistfin is a powerful enemy, so you’ll need the best tools and armor you can get. Use top-tier gear to give your character the best chance of winning fights and staying alive.

Stock Up on Healing Items

The battle against The Twistfin is grueling, and you’re likely to sustain significant damage. To endure the onslaught, amass a plentiful supply of healing items. These will keep you in the fight and boost your chances of victory.

Consider Companion Assistance

Bringing friends into the fight can be helpful, but it can also be dangerous. Even though they can be helpful, they can also be hurt by The Twistfin’s constant attacks. If you want to use allies in fight, you should be careful.

Understanding Starfield Twistfin Attacks

1. Bite

The Twistfin possesses formidable jaws capable of delivering devastating bites. These bites can inflict substantial damage, making evasion crucial to your survival. Master the art of dodging to avoid falling prey to this fearsome attack.

2. Tail Swipe

The Starfield Twistfin also has a fast and strong tail swipe as a weapon. This move can knock you off your feet and do a lot of damage. Skillfully move around to avoid the tail swipe and keep fighting well.

3. Water Blast

The Twistfin can expel a pressurized water blast that both damages and impedes your movement. Vigilance is key; ensure you sidestep this projectile to stay in the fight.

Special Attack: The Twisting Fury

As The Twistfin’s health gets worse, it uses its last move, “The Twisting Fury.” In this dangerous move, the beast curls up into a ball and launches a deadly spinning attack that knocks you back and does a lot of damage. If you want to stay alive, stay away from The Twistfin when it takes this attitude.

Strategic Approaches

  1. Your best chance of defeating The Twistfin lies in mobility. Stay on the move, dodging attacks whenever possible, and exploit windows of opportunity to unleash your most potent weapons.
  2. During the fight, keep a close eye on your health. Carefully use healing things to make sure you’re always ready for The Twistfin’s attacks.
  3. If The Twistfin proves insurmountable alone, companions can tip the scales in your favor. They can divert the boss’s attention, granting you precious moments to strike.

Tips to beat Starfield Twistfin

Ranged Weapons Advantage

Using weapons with a range ives you a clear edge because you can do damage from a safe distance. This strategy reduces the chance of getting hurt by The Twistfin’s powerful close-range hits.

Precision with Melee Weapons

If you opt for melee combat, precision is paramount. Choose weapons with a high critical chance to maximize your damage output during each strike.

Harness Your Skills

Leverage your character’s unique skills to gain an edge. Abilities that inflict damage over time or enhance your attacks should be strategically deployed throughout the battle.

Healing Companion

If Twistfin’s attacks are too much, you might want to find a friend who can heal. This extra help can be very important if you want to stay safe during the fight.



The Starfield Twistfin is one of the hardest things to fight in Starfield. But you can win if you have this complete plan and a lot of weapons. With good strategy, careful care of your health, and the right allies, you can beat the powerful Twistfin and claim the many prizes it offers.


Are companions essential for defeating The Twistfin?

Companions can provide valuable support during the battle, but they come with risks as they can be killed. It’s a strategic choice, and whether or not to use them depends on your playstyle and confidence in your abilities.

How do I counter The Twistfin’s special attack, The Twisting Fury?

To avoid The Twistfin’s devastating Twisting Fury attack, simply maintain a safe distance when it curls up into a ball. This move is telegraphed, so be vigilant and use this opportunity to stay out of harm’s way.

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