How to beat Diablo 4 Grigoire the Galvanic Saint


To summon Diablo 4 Grigoire, you need to collect two pieces of Living Steel and offer them at an altar in the Hall of the Penitent Dungeon.

Players in Diablo 4 Season 2 will face a new group of endgame bosses, and each one will be a different task. Diablo 4 Grigoire, the Galvanic Saint, stands out as one of the most dangerous enemies. If you’re ready to take on this task and win, keep reading to learn how to call Grigoire and beat him in Diablo 4 Season 2. Quickly download and update the game so you can start your journey.

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Summoning Diablo 4 Grigoire, the Galvanic Saint

The summoning procedure is the first thing you need to do to face Grigoire. It takes a long time and requires your full attention. You need to find two pieces of Living Steel and place them on an altar in the new Hall of the Penitent Dungeon to start this process. Finding these materials, on the other hand, is not an easy job.

During Helltide Events, you can only find Living Steel in Tortured Gift of Living Steel boxes. You must be on World Tier 3 or higher to do this. In the same way that Mystery chests aren’t marked on the map, these boxes need a lot of Aberrant Cinders (300 Cinders per chest) to open.

You have to grind Aberrant Cinders for about 20 minutes during a Helltide Event in order to get a piece of Living Steel. Make sure you don’t die during this process, or you could lose a lot of your hard-earned Cinders. He-Grins-Wide-and-Waits is the name of the powerful miniboss that guards the chests that contain Living Steel. This makes the job even harder. Many players choose to use Helltide tracking websites like to find these hard-to-find chests, which speeds up their progress.

Once you have collected the required materials, proceed to the Hall of the Penitent, a new Dungeon located south of Ked Bardu in the Dry Steppes. Fight your way through enemy groups until you reach the Light-Touched Altar, where you can perform the summoning ritual to bring Diablo 4 Grigoire to life. You can use more strong builds of different classes like Sorceress, Necromancer, Druid werewolf, Druid, and more.

How to beat Diablo 4 Grigoire, the Galvanic Saint

Grigoire presents a wide range of attacks during the battle, and understanding how to deal with them is crucial to your success. Here’s an overview of his moveset:

  • Lightning Squares: Even before his summoning is complete, Grigoire sets up lightning squares around the central altar. These squares are telegraphed by red areas on the ground and can deal significant damage if not avoided. Be prepared to move as soon as you see them and Evade if necessary.
  • Basic Melee Swing: Grigoire frequently employs a basic melee swing attack. It deals substantial damage but has a limited range in front of him. You can dodge behind him to evade the attack and its accompanying lightning orbs, which are relatively easy to avoid.
  • Telegraphed Melee Attack: At times, Grigoire lifts his mace above his head and slams it down in front of him. This attack is highly damaging, so it’s essential to keep your distance when you see him preparing for it. Lightning bolts rain down randomly across the arena, which are telegraphed by circles on the ground.
  • Lightning Grid: Grigoire’s lightning grid move creates a damaging lightning grid with a random pattern. This grid presents a significant damage window during the fight. As long as you stay clear of the conductors, you won’t take damage, allowing you to deal substantial damage to Grigoire.
  • Summoning Mechanical Knights: Grigoire can summon mechanical knight enemies, who arrive pre-formed into ranks. These basic enemies should be a priority to eliminate, as they can obstruct your movements and disrupt your focus on Grigoire.
Diablo 4 Grigoire
Get Legendary Items from the Diablo 4 Grigoire Boss Fight

Keep in mind

Unlike some other endgame bosses, Grigoire lacks an extremely devastating attack, providing you with opportunities to be more aggressive. The lightning grid attack is a prime window for dealing damage, so save your best skills for these moments. However, don’t hesitate to use your skills during his melee phase, as the grid attack is not used frequently. You can use the item in dungeons like Black Asylum, Flooded Depths, Caldera Gate, and Anica’s claim.

Grigoire, the Galvanic Saint’s Loot Drops

When you beat Diablo 4 Grigoire, you will be given some useful items as a reward. He will drop a Shard of Agony if you fight him on World Tier 4. This is one of the summoning things you need to fight Duriel, the most powerful of the new endgame bosses. Grigoire also drops a variety of Legendary items with high Item Power based on your current World Tier. You also have a 50% chance of getting one of these unique items:

  • Ancients’ Oath (Barbarian)
  • Battle Trance (Barbarian)
  • Rage of Harrogath (Barbarian)
  • Ramaladni’s Magnum Opus (Barbarian)
  • The Butcher’s Cleaver (Barbarian, Druid)
  • Hunter’s Zenith (Druid)
  • Insatiable Fury (Druid)
  • Waxing Gibbous (Druid)
  • Blood Artisan’s Cuirass (Necromancer)
  • Greaves of the Empty Tomb (Necromancer)
  • Howl from Below (Necromancer)
  • Grasp of Shadow (Rogue)
  • Windforce (Rogue)
  • Word of Hakan (Rogue)
  • Gloves of the Illuminator (Sorcerer)
  • Iceheart Brais (Sorcerer)
  • Staff of Lam Esen (Sorcerer)
  • Penitent Greaves (All Classes)

In conclusion, to beat Diablo 4 Grigoire, the Galvanic Saint, in Season 2, you need a well-thought-out plan and knowledge of how he fights. If you follow these tips and get good at his moves, you can get your prizes and get ready for even tougher quests in Sanctuary. Use aspects like Vigorous, Trickshot, Arrow Storms, Corruption, Encircling, and more.

Diablo 4 Grigoire boss fight
Diablo 4 Grigoire


How do I locate Tortured Gift of Living Steel chests?

These chests are often challenging to find. Many players use Helltide tracker websites, such as, to locate them. It’s a good practice to grind Aberrant Cinders in Helltide Events before tracking down these chests.

What is the best strategy for dealing with Grigoire’s lightning attacks?

Grigoire uses lightning squares and a lightning grid attack. For the squares, move as soon as you see the red areas on the ground. With the lightning grid, as long as you’re not standing between two conductors, you won’t take damage, so it’s an opportunity to deal significant damage to Grigoire.

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