Diablo 4 Anica’s Claim Dungeon Guide

Diablo 4 Anica's Claim Dungeon

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After entering the Diablo 4 Anica’s Claim dungeon, you will find yourself in the Tomb of the Frozen. Head west along the main path.

In Diablo 4, discovering Anica’s Claim Dungeon allows players to obtain profitable items along with farming opportunities. However, in order to access this dungeon, you must first complete the necessary Malnok Stronghold. Diablo 4 Anica’s Claim Dungeon is located on the western slope of the Fractured Peaks. It will serve as your arena of combat against a large number of enemy hordes, some of which will be of elite level. The completion of this dungeon not only rewards you with goodies, but also allows you to access a legendary aspect that can improve the statistics of your Druid Build.

Diablo 4 Anica's Claim Dungeon
Dungeon location

Diablo 4 Anica’s Claim Dungeon Location

It is possible to teleport directly to Anica’s Claim from the Bear Tribe Refuge waypoint, which is located in the western part of the Fractured Peaks zone. Anica’s Claim is right next to Rimescar Cavern. From that point, proceed southward until you find the entrance to the dungeon. In case the Bear Tribe Refuge continues to be inaccessible, you have the option of teleporting to Kyovashad and then traveling westward from there.

Diablo 4 Anica’s Claim Dungeon Rewards

Completion of Anica’s Claim rewards you with a significant Renown boost (+30) and grants access to the coveted Stormclaw’s Aspect, a legendary aspect. Integrating this aspect into your Druid Build enhances critical strikes using Shred, inflicting up to 30 percent damage as Lightning Damage to all enemies in Diablo 4.

How to Complete Diablo 4 Anica’s Claim Dungeon

As soon as you enter Anica’s Claim Dungeon, the first thing you need to do is steal Animus from the Animus Carriers that you encounter. This mission requires extensive exploration within Anica’s Claim, including the defeat of dangerous boss monsters such as Baraim Rimeclaw, in order to get Animus. After obtaining Animus, the next step, which is really simple, is to place it inside the Animus Urn. The Animus Urn must be interacted with in order to unlock a door that was previously locked, which will allow access to more areas of the dungeon.

Diablo 4 Anica’s Claim Dungeon contains Anica’s Tunnels of Zagraal, which can be accessed by going through the door that has been unlocked. Fight your way through this area against enemies such as the Bloodthirsty Bone Warrior Archer. After the battle is over, you must recover the Ancient Statue and place it back on its pedestal. Be cautious as the way you must go is patrolled by tough enemies. It is important to get rid of them before continuing. The Ancient Statue must be returned in order to unlock the next door. 

If you keep going this way, you’ll eventually discover the Frozen Heart of Zagraal. Talk to this heart to move forward in the Anica’s Claim Dungeon. It’s really important to defeat all the enemies protecting the Frozen Heart of Zagraal. Some of the enemies you need to defeat are:

  • Shambling Corpse
  • Bone Warrior
  • Bone Warrior Archer
  • Bloated Corpsefiend
  • Ice Clan Shaman

Shatterhorn, Heart of Zagraal

After you’ve finished off the guardians, it’s time to take on the ultimate test: Shatterhorn, Heart of Zagraal. This powerful boss is afflicted with three different conditions: Frozen, Chilling Wind, and Cold Enchanted. Conquer this boss and emerge victorious from the Diablo 4 Anica’s Claim Dungeon by defending against its attacks and simultaneously unleashing strong attacks on it.



What is the location of Anica’s Claim Dungeon?

Anica’s Claim Dungeon can be found at Malnok in Fractured Peaks.

What are the rewards for completing Anica’s Claim

Upon successfully completing Anica’s Claim Dungeon, you will be rewarded with the Legendary Aspect: Stormclaw’s Aspect

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