How to get Word of Hakan in Diablo 4


With Diablo 4 Word of Hakan, you can take down enemies pretty quickly. But, getting this amulet can be a little problem for you.

In Diablo 4, acquiring the best gear for your character is essential to make sure they perform at their absolute best. One highly sought-after item is the Word of Hakan, a Unique Amulet that offers unique advantages to Rogue players. In this guide, we will dive into the details of obtaining the Diablo 4 Word of Hakan, providing you with valuable insights and strategies to enhance your gameplay.


Understanding the Diablo 4 Word of Hakan

The Word of Hakan is an exclusive amulet available only through Diablo 4’s random drop system. As a Rogue player, equipping this amulet can significantly increase your abilities and playstyle. Unlike regular items in the game, Unique items like the Diablo 4 Word of Hakan possess distinct attributes that set them apart from the rest.

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How to Get the Diablo 4 Word of Hakan

To obtain the Word of Hakan, you’ll need to rely on the game’s random drop system. While this means there isn’t a specific location or method to acquire it, there are strategies to increase your chances of finding this elusive amulet.

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End-Game Helltides

The most effective way to obtain rare items like the Diablo 4 Word of Hakan is by engaging in end-game Helltides. These challenging encounters offer opportunities to collect embers, which can then be exchanged for chests containing specific gear pieces. By focusing on these Helltides, you increase your chances of obtaining powerful items like the Word of Hakan.

World Tiers Three and Four

It’s important to note that the Word of Hakan only drops as Sacred or Ancestral and is exclusive to world tiers three and four. Therefore, if you haven’t reached the end game yet, you won’t be able to acquire this amulet. Progress through the game, reach the end game and challenge higher world tiers to unlock the chance of obtaining the Word of Hakan.

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Maximizing the Power of the Word of Hakan

Understanding the unique attributes of the Word of Hakan is crucial to fully using its potential. This amulet imbues the Rain of Arrows ability with all available imbuements simultaneously. As a result, the more imbuements you have unlocked, the more devastating the Word of Hakan becomes.



In the vast world of Sanctuary, obtaining powerful gear like the Diablo 4 Word of Hakan is an important aspect of the game. Through diligent grinding and engaging in end-game Helltides, Rogue players can increase their chances of acquiring this unique amulet. Once in possession of the Word of Hakan, you can harness its incredible power, enhancing your Rain of Arrows ability and wreaking havoc upon your enemies.

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