How to beat Andariel in Diablo 4 


If you want Rare gear, legendary items, and many other rewards, you must beat Diablo 4 Andariel. This is how you can!

In the dark and treacherous world of Diablo 4, victory hinges upon your combat prowess. And when it comes to facing formidable enemies, few encounters are as significant as the battle against Andariel, the dreaded Maiden of Anguish. This Diablo 4 guide will provide a detailed walkthrough on beating Andariel, ensuring your triumph over this fearsome boss.

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Who is Diablo 4 Andariel?

Before we jump into the tactics for defeating Andariel, let’s take a moment to understand who this challenging enemy is. Andariel, also known as the Maiden of Anguish, is a powerful and wicked being who first appeared in Diablo 2. She belongs to a group of evil entities called Lesser Evils. She is the sister of Duriel, another fearsome Lesser Evil. 

While Andariel has occasionally appeared in other Diablo games, she now returns in Diablo 4, summoned by Elias with a sinister plan to bring forth a new era of suffering and torment, known as the Reign of Anguish, upon the world. Her arrival heralds great danger and demands your utmost skill and strategy to overcome her malevolence.

Understanding the Arena

Getting to know the battleground is important before jumping into a fight with Diablo 4 Andariel. Unlike the wide open spaces or roomy dungeons you might be used to, the battle against Andariel happens in a small arena filled with swirling sandstorms. These sandstorms are dangerous and can hurt you if you touch the sandy edges of the arena. 

So, to stay safe, it’s crucial to stay in the middle of the arena and avoid the edges at all costs during the entire battle. By keeping yourself away from the treacherous sand, you increase your chances of survival and success against Andariel. But for backup, you should also have some Healing Potions.

Diablo 4 Andariel Boss Fight Stage 1

As the encounter begins, Andariel appears restrained by chains yet capable of inflicting considerable damage. Before you begin find out the best classes in Diablo 4 and check out the best builds for Druid Werewolf and Necromancer. Here are the key elements to be aware of during this initial stage:

1. Rune Chains

Andariel has a special power to cast Rune Chains, which can trap and slow down players within a certain area. If caught in these chains, freeing yourself as quickly as possible is important. Directing your attacks toward the Rune Chains is the best way to do this. By destroying them, you’ll regain your freedom of movement and be able to evade Andariel’s attacks more easily. Remember to prioritize breaking free from the Rune Chains to maintain your agility and stay one step ahead in the battle.

2. Avoiding AoE Attacks

Diablo 4 Andariel has a powerful area-of-effect (AoE) attack, which appears as threatening red lines. These attacks can cause significant damage to your health, so it’s crucial to avoid them at any cost. Keep a sharp eye out for any additional branching lines, as they can surprise you and put you in harm’s way. 

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To survive this attack of deadly strikes, it’s essential to time your movements and position yourself wisely. By being mindful of Andariel’s attacks and carefully choosing when and where to move, you can increase your chances of avoiding these devastating AoE attacks and keep yourself alive in the battle.

3. Tracking Andariel

During the battle with Diablo 4 Andariel, she can teleport, vanishing from one spot and reappearing in another. As she teleports, she leaves behind dangerous projectiles that can harm you. It’s important to keep a close eye on the minimap to stay one step ahead and maintain an offensive edge. The minimap shows Andariel’s current position, allowing you to anticipate her movements and plan your attacks accordingly. 

With this knowledge, you can effectively strategize and take advantage of the moments when Andariel is vulnerable. Keep a vigilant watch on the minimap, seize those brief opportunities, and unleash your attacks with precision. This will give you a better chance of overcoming Andariel’s teleportation and dealing significant damage.

Diablo 4 Andariel Boss Fight Stage 2

Once you have dealt significant damage to Andariel during Stage 1, she breaks free from her chains, undergoes a terrifying transformation, and unveils a new arsenal of attacks. Brace yourself for the intensified onslaught by preparing for the following:

1. Pincer Swipes

When Diablo 4 Andariel enters her expanded form, she becomes even more dangerous, wielding lethal pincers that can unleash devastating melee swipes. To minimize the damage inflicted upon you, there are two key strategies. Firstly, you can position yourself behind Andariel, as this will keep you out of reach of her menacing pincers. 

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Alternatively, maintaining a safe distance from her is also effective, as it reduces the likelihood of being caught in her melee attacks. Understanding Andariel’s attack patterns is vital in successfully evading her pincer strikes. By observing her movements and anticipating her attacks, you can effectively dodge her lethal swipes and keep yourself out of harm’s way. Choose your positioning wisely and stay agile to overcome Andariel’s augmented form with minimal damage.

2. Extended Chain Attacks

Andariel uses extended chains to launch attacks from various directions during this battle stage, making her even more formidable. It is essential to remain vigilant and closely observe her movements for any telegraphed signs indicating her intent to strike. 


When you notice these indications, act swiftly to dodge the chain assaults and avoid sustaining significant damage. By evading her chain attacks effectively, you can maintain your health and keep the upper hand in the battle against Andariel. Stay focused, react quickly, and anticipate her moves to minimize the impact of her extended chain assaults.

3. Heightened Aggression

As the battle with Andariel unfolds, she becomes more aggressive, relentlessly attacking without giving you much of a break. It is crucial to carefully manage your healing potions, using them wisely to restore your health when necessary. Additionally, make sure to utilize all the skills at your disposal to expedite Andariel’s defeat. Maintaining a relentless offense is key in this battle. By continuously pressuring Andariel with your attacks, you can keep her on the defensive and increase your chances of emerging victorious.

Equally important is upgrading your gear to enhance your combat capabilities. By equipping yourself with better equipment, you’ll have increased damage output and improved defenses, giving you an advantage against Andariel. Furthermore, the mastery of your skills is essential. Make full use of your character’s abilities, combining them strategically to maximize their effectiveness against Andariel.

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Diablo 4 Andariel Boss Fight Rewards 

Emerging triumphant from the battle with Andariel reap substantial rewards. Your accomplishments yield a significant influx of experience points and gold, underscoring the significance of this conquest. Furthermore, by overcoming Andariel, you complete the Anguish Incarnate quest. Additionally, Andariel drops several pieces of Rare gear and one Legendary item, further enhancing your character’s power and unlocking new possibilities within the game.


Mastering the art of combat in Diablo 4 is essential to prevailing against its myriad challenges. Remember to remain alert, adapt to the shifting dynamics of the battle, and leverage your skills and gear effectively. Unleash your full potential and emerge victorious in this epic encounter, leaving a lasting mark on the annals of Diablo 4.

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