Call of the Sea Guide – Tips and Tricks for Beginners


With the help of the Call of the Sea Guide, beginners can have a head start in the game. The tips and tricks are useful for everyone.

In the first-person adventure video game, Call of the Sea, players take the role of Norah Everhart in the 1930s. Norah’s husband, Harry, has disappeared while on an expedition to find a cure for Norah’s family illness. Using coordinates provided in a package, Norah travels to a mysterious island in the Southern Pacific. She has been dreaming about it. Along the way, Norah discovers a campsite used by Harry’s expedition team. 

It includes reporter Cassandra Ward, mechanic Frank Dayton, dermatologist Ernest De Witt, stuntman Roy Granger, and their Tahitian guide Teaharoa. The game focuses on exploration and puzzle-solving rather than combat. Players must use their wits to help Norah find her missing husband and uncover the secrets of the island. Do not worry if you find any difficulties. The Call of the Sea Guide has some of the best tips and tricks for you.

Call of the Sea Guide: Exploration 

In Call of the Sea, exploration and interactivity are essential to progress through the game. As players assume the role of Norah Everhart, they will encounter various objects, items, and structures scattered throughout the island. These elements not only provide important details about Norah’s husband Harry and the island’s history, but they also serve as vital clues to solve puzzles.

It is highly recommended that players interact with everything they find in Call of the Sea. From books and journals to notes and signs, every item has a purpose and can potentially help players progress in the game. In fact, some items have symbols or clues that directly relate to puzzle-solving.  With every new puzzle, players must explore the environment and interact with everything they find. This way, they can uncover clues and solve the mystery of Harry’s disappearance.

Tracking Progress and Achievements 

One of the game’s unique features is the ability to track progress and achievements through each chapter. After completing a chapter, players can see how well they explored it and how many secrets they managed to discover.

By selecting a chapter from the game menu, players can see a detailed breakdown of their progress. It includes the percentage of the chapter completed, the number of secrets found, and the time spent in the chapter. This feature is excellent for players who want to aim for 100% completion. It is good for those who simply want to keep track of their progress throughout the game.

The secrets found in each chapter of Call of the Sea are vital to uncovering the game’s mysteries and unlocking new areas to explore. These secrets can be anything from hidden artifacts to cryptic messages, and players must keep a keen eye out for them as they progress through the game.

Call of the Sea Guide: Journal

Just like you need the Call of the Sea Guide, there is also an in-game guide. It is the journal. Norah’s journal is a valuable tool for players in Call of the Sea. As players interact with various items throughout the game, Norah will write down her observations and thoughts in her journal. These notes often provide critical clues that players need to solve puzzles and progress through the game.

By paying close attention to Norah’s journal, players can gain insights into the island’s mysteries and find solutions to some of the game’s most challenging puzzles. The more items players interact with, the more Norah will write in her journal, making it an essential part of the gameplay.

Examine Everything

The game offers a unique feature where players can rotate and examine each item from every angle, allowing them to discover important details that might be hidden at first glance. For example, the back of a photo or a journal entry might hold critical clues that players need to unlock the next puzzle or discover new areas of the island. 

By examining every item in detail, players can ensure they don’t miss any vital information that could help them progress. Every object has its own story and purpose, and by examining them carefully, players can fully appreciate the game’s intricate design and uncover its hidden secrets.


Norah’s Internal Monologue

Norah’s internal monologue provides players with essential clues about the island and its mysteries, making it a vital aspect of the gameplay.

By paying close attention to Norah’s thoughts, players can gain insights into what they need to do next or discover hidden secrets on the island. Norah often highlights important information or clues that might be easy to miss. This makes making her internal monologue a valuable tool for players who are interested in progressing through the game’s plot.

Replay Chapters

Players can replay any chapter in Call of the Sea at any time. The Chapter Selection tab on the main menu allows players to choose which chapter to jump into, providing the flexibility to revisit favorite sections or replay difficult ones.

One of the benefits of replaying chapters is the opportunity to discover missed journal entries and secret objects. The game tracks progress, indicating which journal entries have been read and which secret objects have been found, making it easier for players to keep track of what they have and haven’t accomplished.

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