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Explore the vast world of Diablo 4 and uncover the hidden stronghold locations scattered across the realms, each holding unique challenges and rewards.

The open-world locations of Diablo 4 map allow you to roam freely and you can explore every region. Stronghold is a vast and primary open-world location across all major spots on the map. Here, you can find challenging enemies, dungeons, and free loot rewards. All five major locations in Diablo 4 have 3 Stronghold locations. Here, you can defeat random enemies and bosses. You can play stronghold challenges solo or with friends as well. This will help you earn more XP and you can climb the levels faster in Diablo 4.

Every challenge here will be unique and you will be up against formidable foes of Diablo 4. As of now, there are 15 stronghold spots. To get access to these places, there’s also a requirement as well. You have to reach certain in-game levels to gain access to all parts of the stronghold in Diablo 4. Here’s all about Diablo 4 stronghold locations and ways to find them in our guide.

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How to Find Every Diablo 4 Stronghold?

Diablo 4 stronghold
Stronghold location

Strongholds are unique places conquered by monsters in the sanctuary. As of now, you can capture 15 Strongholds and unlock some valuable freebies across these nightmare Dungeons. Here’s where you can find them in all major spots on the map.

All Dry Steppes Stronghold Locations

  • Ruins of Qara-Yisu – Travel to the southeast and you can find salt-covered ruins in town. The recommended level for this location is 49+. Here, you can fight against a primary boss and small enemies 
  • Temple of Rot – You can visit Mersa and travel far southwest to find the location. Reach level 40+ and you can fight against enemies in the halls, courtyard, and residence. Kill all enemies and maximize your xp
  • The Onyx Watchtower –  This is in the central region and you can first travel to Jakha Basin. From here, you can go northeast and reach Hidden Overlook. Then reach the waypoint to find the locations. You can access this stronghold after reaching level 31 or higher. You can fight here against thieves and murderers as well
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All Fractured Peaks Stronghold Locations

  • Malnok – This is located in the eastern region. Here, you have to defeat ice clan enemies. You can travel south from Kyovashad to reach the location. With level 32+, you can dominate this entire location. Enemies in Malnok are entirely different from other locations on the game.
  • Nostrava –  This is located southwest of Kyovashad. Reach Nevesk Waypoint and travel northwest to reach the spot. The recommended level for this stronghold is 36+.
  • Kor Dragan – Travel towards the northeast of Kyovashad. Once you cross level 29, you can boss this location and run away with all rewards. Here is our complete detailed guide.

All Scosglen Stronghold Locations  

  • Moordaine’s Lodge –  Get to the eastern part and reach Shrouded Moors. This is located in verdant forest and here, you have to kill Fionnir the Mad Druid at level 48
  • Tur Dulra – This is located in the northwest. Here you have to liberate three druid spirits and fight against the Infernal Tormentor in the ruins. The required level is 47.
  • Hope’s Light  – This is located near Peninsula of Scosglen. You can access the lighthouse above the jagged shores. Defeat Tidewitch Ne’gana and complete other objectives with level 41+.

All Hawezar Stronghold Locations 

  • Eriman’s Pyre – This burning village is located North of Hawezar. With level 40+, you have to defeat the Duz’Agur spirit boss.
  • Crusader’s Monument – Travel from South of Zabinzert and then you can go north from Bastion of Faith. Reach level 40+ and here you also have to feed Ritual Brazier and then immediately Crusader Champions will spawn. Clear these enemies and get your rewards as well.
  • Vyeresz – This can be found in deep swamps of Hawez. The minimum required level is 50+. Here you will be up against dangerous enemies and bosses of the game.

All Kehjistan Stronghold Locations 

  • Omath’s Redoubt – This can be accessed from the southern expanse. Defeat High Priestess Hadar and complete other tasks. The required level is 44+ for this challenging dungeon
  • Alcarnus – You can find this near Scouring Sands. Fight against the demons in this long abandoned desert city. You have to be at level 42+ at least
  • Altar of Ruin – Get to the Amber of Sands and travel towards the eastern end. With level 45+, you have to clear small foes and defeat Dark Cardinal Maldul. This will get you rewards and unlock shrines as well.


These are all the best stronghold locations on Diablo 4 currently. You can explore these places and test your skills against mighty foes and bosses. You will be able to loot many free rewards.

  • Resources
  • Skill Points
  • Gears
  • Equipment
  • Renown Points
  • Upgrades, and more

That’s everything you need to know about strongholds in Diablo 4. Explore all Stronghold places and fight against demons. You can earn loot, XP, and increase your in-game levels as well. We will come back with more interesting updates soon.

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