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The Druid is an amazing class in Diablo 4 beta and here our build guide with some tips for you to deal with it smoothly.

The Druid is an incredible class in Diablo 4 beta. Players have been impressed by the feature of commandings wolves and controlling them for their adventure in Diablo 4 Beta. This class has been proven to be stronger and much more effective than any other classes in the game. However, given its effective impact on the game, it is also equally difficult to create synergy among these damaged types.

Diablo 4 Druid Build
Diablo 4 Druid Build

If you have been having a hard time creating your Druid built, here are some tricks to do it.

Druid Build tricks

Defensive and AoE skills: This build allows your character to deal with a lot of damage at the start of the fight and then increase damage reduction while you wait for your cooldowns. Some skills would make sure that Dread’s shifting abilities are effective and in your favor.

Druid Build tricks
Druid Build tricks

Here are 6 skills that we have narrowed down from each skill tree branch that you can use for the Druid build. Let’s see what these skills are.

Basic skill

As the name suggests this skill is the most used attack that one uses in the game and you can use it to generate spirit which is the gauge that allows you to unlock other skills. Maul turns you into a werebear and brings down every enemy with solid damage. The skill also has a reasonable chance to strike a lucky hit which would give even more damage. You can opt for the wild upgrade to have a chance at knocking down the enemies that you hit.

Spirit Skill Pulverize

This is one of the best AOE skills that you will come across for the Druid in Diablo 4 Beta. In this also you turn into a werebear and strike at the ground in front of you, this would give a high level of damage to all the enemies in that area. It can also give damage to the enemies in close range Primal upgrade makes it so you take 20% less damage for 4 seconds which would allow you to escape a safer distance without being hit by enemies.

Defensive skills Debiltating Roar

If You are looking for defensive skills this is certainly the best one. This also turns into werebears and attacks the enemies reducing their damage by 50% for 4 seconds. You heal yourself with the preserving upgrade for 4% of your Maximum health.

Companion Skill Ravens

Ravens are more AoE focuses than wolves. When you call in the Ravens they attack a target area for 6 seconds. However when the ravens are not called one of them still goes attacking random enemies every 5 seconds. The ferocious upgrade makes enemies weak Wednesday I’ve been attacked by ravens which decreases their damage reduction.

Wrath Skill

This is another werebear skill and players will become unstoppable and charge forward, bringing down the enemies. This deals with massive damage to enemies but it’s also great to get you out of trouble when you are surrounded by enemies who enter looking for a heal. The sandwich great grants you 20 extra spirits.

These are all the points to keep in mind if you are eyeing to scale your XPs in Diablo 4 and want to level up. Consistent practice of all of these tasks would easily upgrade your level in no time. So make sure that once you start doing all these tricks you are maintaining the streak, to level up fast in the game.

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