Chained Echoes Guide – 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners


Chained Echoes is a popular title for JRPGs and getting past it could be difficult. Here is our Chained Echoes Guide with a few tips and tricks for beginners.

Chained Echoess is a JRPG game that lets players control a group of heroes who have to travel across the continent of Valandis to stop the terrible war that is spreading across the three kingdoms. Many players will be able to take on these kingdoms but for beginners, it could be a bit difficult. Thus to get past the game easily, here are tips for beginners.

Chained Echoes Guide
Chained Echoes

Chained Echoes Guide

Here is our guide with some tips and tricks to keep in mind if you are a beginner in Chained Echoes.

Unique Level System

New players would expect that there would be a level-up system similar to the other JRPG game. However, this is not the case with Chained Echoes. The game has a unique system.

Each time a player wants to upgrade their characters will have to use Grimoire Shards, Which can be obtained through winning battles against powerful bosses. These items can be used to power up enough to 3 categories action, Passive, and Stats Boosters. Action categories are helpful in batting Passion categories and abilities that occur at all times and stats boosters simply boost stats. One of these items will get more powerful when upgraded like action skills doing more damage.

Collect Crystals

Chained Echoes Gameplay
Chained Echoes Gameplay

Crystals are an important element during gameplay. It is used to boost the player’s stats giving them higher attack, defense, and more. These crystals can be found in red crystal sources which are spread across the map. A player’s stats can be quickly increased by upgrading their gear, which is why it is equally as important as using crystals.

Keep a tap on Overdrive Meter

Chained Echoes Gameplay
Chained Echoes Gameplay

Players should know that the importance of overdrive meter is equally important in the game as it can be used to get a massive upper hand in the battle. With this technique, players would get to know where they stand during the battle.

It’s better to keep this meter in the green as it will have that player will need to cast spells. Players will soon find out that keeping the overdrive meter in the green is very important. One of the best ways to keep the overdrive at a safe level is to use X overdrive items that can be found scattered around the map.

Switch Party members


Players will meet new members along the way and take their help as well. And read the member has to offer a different role.

For instance, one player would be a damaged dealer while another player may be a better healer. Players can mix and match various characters according to their gameplay. They can keep a total of 8 characters in a team at a time and Swap it with whoever and whenever they want.

Use the Reward Board


During the gameplay keep an eye out for the reward board that is accessible in the main menu. It may not seem like it’s a very big thing at 1st but the reward board is an excellent way of getting extra goodies with not much effort.

The reward board is basically an achievement system. Players will need to do a variety of things to get the rewards. You will also have to open new chests along with exploring a certain amount of an era.

Combine Crystals

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Chained Echoes Guide - 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners 11

We have already mentioned the crystals above but players should also know that they can combine these Crystals together to make them stronger. You Can unlock this feature after you complete the task at the Blacksmith after completing the first task.

The player can combine crystals to create better, stronger varieties of crystals, which are excellent for attaching to gear. The ranks of these crystals, which range from Rank I to Rank V, indicate how powerful they are in combat. Note that this feature would only be accessible if you haven’t upgraded the crystals before.

Skill Priorities

Chained Echoes Guide
Chained Echoes Guide - 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners 12

In Chained Echoes, Grimoire Shards are useful for character leveling. Instead of gaining experience points to raise your stats or learn new talents, defeating bosses will grant you Grimoire Shards as a reward. Your characters receive one Grimoire Shard for each boss they defeat, which they can use in the Skills menu.

Make use of Ultra Moves

Chained Echoes Guide
Chained Echoes Guide - 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners 13

During the battle, the Ultra Move Bar will slowly fill. This bar will slowly fill. Once full these characters can perform an ultra Move by pressing RT. The Ultra Move Bar is automatically filled at the start of a boss battle. So make sure that you keep a tap on this.

Improve your Agility

Chained Echoes Guide
Chained Echoes Guide - 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners 14

Agility is one of the most important attributes in the game. Improving your AGI in any way is key to getting the numerous turns possible before the enemy. In combat, Glenn’s strength lies in his ability to be a breaker. You should have learned and equipped Drunken Master with one or more characters, a talent from the Monk Class Emblem. Since it affects the entire party, use it as soon as the battle begins. In each boss battle, it’s essential to cripple your opponent’s AGI with Robb’s Leg Shot (and Kylian’s Leg Aim) in order to win more turns while giving your opponent less.

Manage Chained Echo tech Points

Chained Echoes Guide
Chained Echoes Guide - 10 Tips and Tricks for Beginners 15

It’s in chained equals Tech points are a source that can be used to unlock new abilities and upgrade existing ones for your characters. Take points out by completing combat and you get awarded at the end of battles

Tech points can also be used to unlock new weapons and equipment for your character. This would be a video character and also give them new combat options to customize their playstyle. It is a valuable source in the game that allows players to customize their characters. So it’s better to manage your Tech points wisely to choose the right upgrades and abilities for your character.

These are all the tips and tricks from our guide that you can keep and mine while you are playing Chained Echoes. To make your work easier we made this guide hope you found it useful.

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