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Diablo 4 Black Asylum

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Diablo 4 has a Dungeon called “Black Asylum.” Black Asylum is a prison that has been shut down and is full of dead people.

Are you prepared to take a dive into the dark depths of Diablo 4′s Black Asylum dungeon? This guide will walk you through the dangerous twists and turns of this foreboding place, providing you with insights on how to overcome the trials that you face and emerge victorious. This guide is the best option for becoming an expert in the Black Asylum, regardless of how long you’ve been adventuring or where you are in your quest through the Fractured Peaks.

Dungeon location
Dungeon location

Diablo 4 Black Asylum Dungeon Location

In Diablo 4, the Black Asylum dungeon is located in the cold Frigid Expanse area. If you’re playing as a Necromancer, you’re in for a treat. This dungeon has a legendary aspect that’s perfect for your Necromancer builds. But you should be ready for a hard trip. For you to finish the cave, you have to fight elite enemies and a powerful boss.

To get to the Black Asylum dungeon, go northwest from Malnok until you get to the Asylum Lot. This is the closest point to where you can enter the cave. You can also find the creepy entrance by going east from the area around Sarkova Pass. From the Bear Tribe Refuge Waypoint, go west for a fast route. This waypoint is just to the east of the Black Asylum Dungeon, making it the easiest way to get there.

How to Complete the Black Asylum

When you go into the Diablo 4 Black Asylum Dungeon, get ready for a swarm of angry wraiths who want to attack you. The Wrathful Phantom is one of those who will join the chaos. Before you start exploring, you’ll come across a scary locked gate. To get through it, you have to use two Gate Winches at opposite ends of the prison.

You can expect elite enemies like the Wretched Skeleton Captain, the Thundering Wraith, the Tainted Skeleton Captain, and the Dreadful Wrathful Phantom to show up during this task. When you beat these enemies, you can turn on the first Gate Winch and partly open the gate. To open the gate all the way, you have to turn on the second winch, which looks like a big gear with chains connected to it.

Go north through the prison-like tunnel to find the second winch. Here, you’ll find dangerous enemies like Skeleton Captains, Skeleton Corpse Bows, and more. Take care of these threats carefully, and then go through a doorway on the left. Your path goes to the second Gate Winch, which is ready to open the dungeon’s main door. Go back to the Gate you saw when you first entered the Diablo 4 Black Asylum. Now that you know how to open it, head west to get back into parts of the basement that you haven’t been to before.

Travel to the Haunted Cellblock

Go down the stairs into the unknown, cross the bridge, and you’ll be in the creepy Haunted Cellblock. Wraiths and other demons are waiting for you to come. Fight these enemies with courage to clear a way for you to move forward. Be careful, because the Haunted Cellblock is huge and full of merciless demons who are out to stop you. Your job now is to kill every enemy in the Haunted Cellblock. For this hard job, you have to defeat enemies like the Wrathful Phantom, Skeleton Captains, Skeleton Corpse Bows, and more. 

Be careful with this task and try to avoid their powerful attacks that can do a lot of damage. As you slowly clear out the Haunted Cellblock, your persistence pays off. After getting rid of the people in the Haunted Cellblock, go north in the Black Asylum. On your way to the Room of Torment, use Healing Wells to get your strength back. Move through the open doors and hallways until you reach the resurrected monster at the dungeon’s heart.

Defeat the Resurrected Malice

Resurrected Malice is the most dangerous enemy in the Diablo 4 Black Asylum dungeon. This dangerous demon uses deadly long-range attacks that do a lot of damage. Use skill to avoid its attacks. The demon’s called minions are also a threat; because they keep attacking, they should be killed first.

Be careful of the strikes from the ghouls that send out green orbs of infernal energy. Be careful to avoid these weapons. Take advantage of chances to attack when the Resurrected Malice charges, which leaves it open to your attacks. Use your most powerful skills to do a lot of damage while avoiding its attacks.


Diablo 4 Black Asylum Dungeon Rewards

The journey through the Diablo 4 Black Asylum Dungeon is not in vain. Upon successful completion, you’ll be rewarded with 30 Renown. Additionally, you’ll gain access to the coveted Aspect of Torment. This legendary aspect holds the power to enhance your Necromancer’s resource generation, making it an invaluable asset.


What is the location of Black Asylum Dungeon?

Black Asylum Dungeon is located at Frigid Expanse in Fractured Peaks.

What is the reward for completing Black Asylum Dungeon?

Upon completing Black Asylum Dungeon, you will be rewarded with the Legendary Aspect: Aspect of Torment.

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