GTA Online Arcade Update Request


What is the GTA Online Arcade update request? Why are players demanding a change? Learn everything below about this update.

Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online is an amazing game with a thriving community of dedicated players. The game has been around for years. Its arcade businesses have been one of the most enjoyable and profitable additions to the game. However, fans of the game has recently requested a GTA Online update. This could take the arcade businesses to the next level. In this article, we will explore what this GTA online arcade change is and how it could make a significant difference to the gameplay.

Reddit post
Reddit post

GTA Online Arcade Update Request

A player recently requested a GTA Online Arcade update to enhance the arcades in the game due to slight inconveniences that may deter some players from opting into the business. With time, the arcades have become the most profitable ventures for lower-level Grand Theft Auto Online players.

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The arcades introduced businesses such as counterfeit cash factories, nightclubs, and warehouses. However, some players feel they could benefit from changes to improve the gameplay experience and boost their in-game empires.

The Master Control Terminal Modification

A Reddit post made by Preskool_Gamer has gained 630 votes for recommending that Rockstar Games should modify the master control terminal to make it more practical in a GTA Online update. This would allow CEOs and MC Presidents to access all their other businesses, reducing the need for players to retire and transfer to other non-arcade ventures.

The master control terminal is a piece of equipment in the arcade that allows players to access different parts of their businesses, such as the counterfeit cash factory, nightclub, and warehouses. However, players need to retire from their current session and switch to another session to access their other businesses.

This GTA Online arcade alteration could save players time and allow them to focus on other aspects of the game. The add-on for the master control terminal costs $1,470,000 in-game cash and will provide better access to the arcade with the availability of missions through a new menu.

Other Similar Suggestions for GTA Online Arcade

Given that many other GTA Online arcade fans have expressed similar frustrations, these improvements could reflect the name of the master control terminal, giving players streamlined gameplay and reducing monotony. Some players have also suggested improvements to the arcade’s storage capacity, making it easier to store and manage arcade-related items.

Others have suggested introducing more arcade mini-games, which would add to the overall arcade experience, making it more engaging and enjoyable for players. These mini-games could be played solo or with other players, adding a new level of competition and social interaction to the game.

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Reddit post
Reddit post


GTA Online is a massive game with a dedicated fan base that has enjoyed years of constant updates and improvements. The arcade businesses have become a popular and profitable addition to the game, and these proposed changes could take it to the next level. The master control terminal modification, as well as other suggested improvements, could streamline gameplay, reduce monotony, and enhance the overall arcade experience.

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