Will GTA V Online Continue After GTA VI Releases?


Meta description: When Grand Theft Auto VI was announced, players with a GTA V account wondered what would happen once the game was released. Can they still play GTA Online? 

With all the news and leaks available after the hack in Rockstar Games, the announcement of Grand Theft Auto VI left players with a to play online, and they are wondering if GTA VI would have its version of the online game.

While the game is still being developed, questions about GTA Online began to arise, especially since it has been confirmed that the latest installment would take players back to Vice City, which is a big concern. GTA V Online is under the GTA 5 title, and the map is still under Los Santos.

What is GTA V: Online

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Nine years after GTA: Online was released, the number of players continues to grow. This portion of the game allows players to create a custom male or female character with several activities to participate in with other players. You can even start a business or play heist missions that are consistently updated.

The online feature was able to stand out from GTA 5. Although the GTA franchise has been a source of “meme-able” content, you cannot use a as mods only work in single-player mode.

GTA V: Online has expanded more than the single-player mode, unlike the base game, even if GTA V was its DNA. Starting as a small-time crook, you play through the main questline before working up to get bigger jobs. There are plenty of game modes you can play to earn in-game money, which adds complexity to how you play the game. 

Some players would also take the game as a way to roleplay with each other and build their gangs. Servers like; NoPixelm Eclipse RP, GTA World, and Mafia City are servers you can join to explore aside from playing the quests and missions.

Commonly known as GTA RP, some servers require donations to join, but most servers are accessible. Players can participate in GTA RP as long as they own the PC version of GTA 5. 

GTA: Online also offers more cars, purchases more weapons, and even more heists than in GTA 5. As said by Rockstar, it is a “dynamic and ever-evolving online universe for up to 30 players.”

The popular online game has become one of the most profitable games for Rockstar since October 1, 2013, where online purchases are focused on getting more in-game currencies for better items.

Do We Need A GTA VI: Online?

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The short answer is no, and we do not need to have a new GTA VI: Online. It may be part of the GTA 5 base game, but at this point, it shouldn’t be a requirement to have it as an online game.

If Rockstar Games can finally give the stand-alone title for the online feature and separate the base game from the online feature, the game will still hold up as it always has. People continue to play this game, and creating a new online feature for a different GTA may put a lot of players off, especially if Rockstar decides to shut down their servers.

Once Rockstar makes GTA: Online its title, more players will join the game; there are already 100,000 players, and it is still growing, which is evidence that the game is thriving. A suggestion of what Rockstar needs to do is to update the online game system to match GTA VI.

For the map, GTA V and GTA VI are set in two different areas: San Andreas (GTA V) and Vice City (GTA VI). It would be best to either stick to San Andreas or combine the two maps. It would be out of the question to remove San Andreas as the map players are most familiar to venture in.

Every aspect of adding GTA VI into the GTA: Online must be done with care. Updating the graphics on the game will give it a fresh feel, and adding a new map instead of replacing the current map will provide a better result, as world expansion is better than going through a massive revamp. 

Final Thoughts

Nothing is evident at the moment, especially on what would happen to players. Remember, Grand Theft Auto VI is still under development. We wouldn’t see any updates regarding how Rockstar will integrate GTA VI to GTA 5: Online anytime soon, especially when significant leaks have been released.

We won’t expect the upcoming installment to the Grand Theft Auto franchise around late 2024 or early 2025, so there is plenty of time for them to work this out. Grand Theft Auto: Online will be here to stay.