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Check our guide to find the location and the list of weapons in the GTA Online Gun Van. You can get some great weapons from this moving shop!

The weekly Gun Van is back in GTA Online and players can get the new Rail Gun after locating the Gun Van from the map. New Weapons, Guns, Armor, Ammunition, and other in-game items and resources will be available to procure from the Gun Van every week. And for this week, GTA Online has added the Rail Gun. Players have been looking for the locations to find the Gun Van, and it’s very easy to find the location.

All these guns and other items from the Gun Van will be available at certain discounts.  Apart from the Rail Gun, many new weapons and shotguns are added to the Gun Van. But you have to find the location of Gun Van to purchase these items. The price of the weapons from the Gun Store will vary from that of the Ammu-Nation Store. Gun Van and Rail Gun were added to GTA Online through the new Los Santos Drug Wars DLC update. Here’s how you can get the new Rail Gun in GTA Online along with the Gun Van locations for this week.

GTA Online Gun Van Location

Gun Van is finally back to GTA Online and the van spawns at random locations every day on the map. The Rail Gun is also only available in the Gun Van. Here’s where you can find the Gun Van in GTA Online for this week.

GTA Online Gun Van
Gun Van

Today’s location for Gun Van is Palmer-Taylor Power Station, a Point of Interest from the Mountain region of San Chianski in Los Santos County. The traveling weapon shop of GTA Online is now spawning near Palmer-Taylor Power Station, on the east side of the map. You can spot the Gun Van vehicle with an icon on your Map as you inch closer to the moving shop.

Remember that this is not the permanent location for the Gun Van vehicle, as the moving weapon shop will spawn at 30 different locations in GTA Online. You can find the vehicle in different locations every day. Right now, you need to visit the Palmer-Taylor Power Station to find the Gun Van to get the new exclusive Rail Gun weapon and other weapons.

GTA Gun Van Weapons For This Week

There are a lot of new additions to the Gun Van for this week. Here are all the GTA Online weapons that will be available to purchase with an offer. A total of 13 weapons have been included in the Gun Van for this week.

  • Railgun
  • Grenades
  • Combat Shotgun 
  • Assault Shotgun
  • Assault Rifle 
  • Knife  
  • Baseball Bat 
  • Molotovs 
  • Compact EMP Launcher
  • Heavy Sniper
  • RPG  
  • Proximity Mines 
  • SMG

About the Rail Gun in GTA Online

Rail Gun GTA Online Gun Van
Rail Gun

 Finally, the Rail Gun has made its way to GTA Online. And this is only because of the new Gun Van. The weapon gun is not so explosive, but it can still hold up to 20-30 bullets, and you can refill the Ammo whenever it’s down. The velocity and firing rate will be higher and the weapon also uses a new mechanism. Rail Gun employs electromagnetism and the firing rate gets better with each upgrade. The Gun Van will spawn regularly in 30 locations in and around the map of GTA Online.

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