Genshin Impact Purple Product Locations and How to Find Them?



Struggling to find Genshin Impact purple product locations? Discover the best Teyvat purple products and their locations here.

Genshin Impact 4.2 is live. The new Fontaine region, Furina character and more challenges have been the major highlights of this season. Travelers can complete new quests and boss fights with Furina. There are numerous archon quests, world series quests and live events. Graph Adversarial Technology Experiment Log is the latest event that has new challenges every day. For this Genshin Impact event, you have to find quest items across Teyvat and click some pictures using the gadget, Image Sampling Kamera.

To participate in this event, ensure you have crossed the adventure rank level 20 and completed  ‘Song of the Dragon and Freedom’ (Archon Quest). The fifth day of this event tasks travelers to capture purple products of Teyvat. You have to find quest items in purple colors and capture them using the gadget. So, find the best locations to capture Teyvat purple products in Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact purple product locations

All Genshin Impact Purple Product Locations


There are a plethora of purple colored items in wild regions of Teyvat. Here are the best resources to find and take pictures for the Graph Adversarial Log event in Genshin Impact 4.2,

  • Amakumo – These fruits are found in the wild of Seirai Island, Inazuma.
  • Electro Crystal – The glowing crystal spawns in wild regions of Inazuma. You can find them in Cape Oath as well. Cape Oath is a sub area in Galesong Hill at Mondstadt
  • Wolfhooks – These purple berries are found in Wolvendom arena and wild areas
  • Naku Weed – Naku Weed spawns in high electro concentration areas of Inazuma. This plant is also available in Seirai Island.
  • Lavender Melon – Lavender Melon is a cooking ingredient. This is mostly found in wild of Inazuma and Mondstadt
  • Onikabuto – The beetle spawns in areas where electro concentration are high
  • Violetgrass -These small purple flowers are found in cliffs of Liyue and Inazuma. You can find them in the wild and also near waypoints 
  • Horsetail – Discover these purple plants at Dihua Marsh, a sub area from Bishui Plain in Liyue. Travel towards the east of Bishui River to access this location easily

These are the best Teyvat purple products to find and capture pictures for the Genshin Impact 4.2 live event. You will be given 10 frames of films per day. Use the gadget and click pictures. After collecting 5 simples, you can meet the NPC, Lepine-Pauline, in Fontaine and get Research Awards and other exclusive event rewards as well.

Quest item
Amakumo fruits

Once you take 10 pictures of Teyvat purple products, this part of the event will be completed. Then, you have to complete the remaining objectives and finish the event. The event will only be live for some more days, so find the products and claim free resources.


What are Purple Products in Genshin Impact?

Purple Products are local specialities and quest items in Teyvat. These resources in Genshin Impact are used to craft food, weapons, and more materials. Currently purple products are used for a live event in the game.

How to Click Pictures in Genshin Impact Event?

To take pictures , you have to obtain the gadget called Image Sampling Kamera. The gadget can be secured by completing one of the world quests in Genshin Impact.

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