Genshin Impact Awakening’s Real Sound Quest – Complete Walkthrough and Guide


Are you stuck in the Genshin Impact Awakening’s Real Sound quest? Read the complete walkthrough and guide below.

In Genshin Impact, every time a new area is added, a World Quest is also released that allows players to uncover secret locations. In the 3.6 update, the new area is called Khvarena of Good and Evil, and the quest involves the player trying to remove the Signs of Apaosha. 

As they progress through the quest, they will meet a new race called the Pari and will need to save two members of this race, Mihir and Rashnu. In this guide, we will tell you everything about the Genshin Impact Awakening’s Real Sound quest.


Genshin Impact Awakening’s Real Sound Clues

To obtain clues on the location of the other Kory Drums needed for the quest, players must go to the Hills of Barsom in the northern part of the Realm of Farakhkert. There, they will find Nasejuna standing in front of a pink tree. After a lengthy dialogue, Nasejuna will tell players about different drums and his ancestors. He will then place explosives to break the initial wall blocking a cavern that may contain clues about the drums.

After defeating three small Rifthounds that spawn, players will need to locate the floating Khvarena near the cavern to the right side. They should enter its radius and follow it to the Dark Crystals blocking the path. Once inside the cave, players will see three sand piles. The first two contain small Anemo Fungi, but the third one deeper into the cave will reveal the Dendro drum, the second of the five Kory Drums needed for the quest.

The clues found in the tavern will reveal the general locations of the other three Kory Drums, but players will need to complete other tasks first.

Collect the Drum Scores

After completing the dialogue in the cavern, five blue markers will appear on your map. These markers indicate the locations of the Drum Scores that you need to collect. The scores will be used on each drum at the end of this quest. You can copy the scores without defeating the nearby enemies by heading to the aura near them.

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Genshin Impact Awakening’s Real Sound: Samjna Korybantes Location

To find the first Kory Drum, teleport to the Waypoint shown on the map. Drop down to the blue marker’s direction until you see a Seelie outside a cave. Follow the Seelie inside the cave, and it will lead you to a puzzle that you have to solve to get the drum. After solving the puzzle, you’ll eventually reach an area filled with water.

Obtain the Dendro Particles

Swim to the bell on top of this area. When you touch the bell, it will spawn four Dendro particles that you need to claim with your character. You have to get these particles within two minutes by passing your character through them. To make it easier, you can memorize where the particles are spawned and switch to Sorush, who can use her Elemental Skill to pick up the unique grapple located above you.

Solve the Puzzle

Use Sorush’s Elemental Skill to pick up the grapple and place it near the Dendro particles. Then switch back to your original character and use the newly placed grapple to obtain the four particles. This will lower the water level, allowing you to reach the second bell. Repeat this procedure thrice and defeat some Hydro Slimes to obtain the first Kory Drum in a secluded area.

Genshin Impact Awakening’s Real Sound: Sankhara Korybantes Location

To find the Sankhara Korybantes drum, teleport to the Statue of the Seven shown on the map above and fall in the blue marker’s direction until you see a pathway with one Hydro Hilichurl Rogue blocking it. Defeat the enemy and keep following the blue marker until you see an Electro bell inside a giant room. You’ll also see the Korybantes blocked by a red circle.

When you touch the bell, you’ll have to find hordes of Electro Slimes and Electro Lawachurls. Defeat the enemies to claim the Sankhara Korybantes. Be careful, as the enemies can be tough to defeat.

Genshin Impact Awakening’s Real Sound: Vijnana Korybantes Location

To find the final Korybantes drum, head to the Waypoint to the west and follow the blue marker. When you reach the location, you’ll see the blocked drum with a Pyro bell near it. You’ll get a flame beside your character when you activate this bell. You need to light up seven flame altars before the flame goes out.

The flame altars will be located in the following areas:

  • One altar will be right beside the bell as you head inside the little cave area.
  • There will be four altars inside the cave, and one of them will be at a height in the middle.
  • The final two altars can be found near the bell and the drum outside the cave.

Claim the final Korybantes to continue to the next part of the quest.

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Genshin Impact Awakening’s Real Sound: How to Awaken Rashnu

If you’re playing a certain game and looking to awaken Rashnu, here are the steps you need to follow.

Placing the Korybantes

Firstly, you need to talk to Nasejuna and Sorush at the giant tree. They will guide you to place all the Korybantes in the locations marked by blue markers. Once you have placed them, you will need to play them in a specific way based on the Drum Scores you copied earlier.

Playing the Korybantes

When you get near a certain drum, you’ll see two options. Check the Drum Score to see four leaves that can be of three different types. You have to use a certain method based on the type of leaf and you can perform the combination from left to right:

  • Empty Leaf: Perform a pause, which means you don’t do anything for that part.
  • Partially Filled Leaf: Perform a basic attack.
  • Fully Filled Leaf: Perform a Plunge Attack.

Memorizing the Combination

Once you memorize the combination of a certain Korybantes, it’s time to begin the performance. As soon as you select that option, you’ll get a cyan aura around the character that will allow you to jump higher for an easy plunge attack. You’ll also see a yellow aura coming on top of the drum at regular intervals.

Performing the Correct Combination

You have to perform the combination in a specific way only when you see this yellow aura. If you have an Empty Leaf that requires you to do nothing, simply let this aura go away on its own. Perform the correct combination of pause, basic attack, and plunge attack to activate the Korybantes successfully.

Once all five drums are activated, Rashnu will awaken. You can then take her back to the oasis to finish the quest.

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Rewards for Completing Genshin Impact Awakening’s Real Sound Quest

Completing the Awakening quest and taking Rashnu to the oasis is a fulfilling experience that comes with several rewards. Here are the rewards you can expect:

Achievement Unlock: “The Tree on the Hill”

As soon as you finish the Awakening quest, you’ll unlock the “The Tree on the Hill” achievement. This is a great accomplishment and a sign that you have successfully completed the quest.


You’ll also receive 50 Primogems as a reward for completing the Awakening quest. These gems are the in-game currency that can be used to purchase new characters, weapons, and other items. You can use them to improve your gameplay experience.


In addition to Primogems, you’ll also receive 34,000 Mora as a reward for completing the quest. Mora is the game’s primary currency that can be used to buy and upgrade items, weapons, and characters. This reward will help you progress faster in the game.

Hero’s Wits

Completing the Awakening quest will also reward you with four Hero’s Wits. These items can be used to level up your characters and increase their power and abilities. They are a valuable resource in the game, and you’ll need them as you progress through the game’s challenges.

Mystic Enhancement Ore

Finally, you’ll receive six Mystic Enhancement Ore as a reward for completing the Awakening quest. These ores can be used to enhance your weapons and make them more powerful. They are essential items that can help you deal with tougher enemies and complete more challenging quests.

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