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Genshin Impact Kory Drums

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Are you stuck in the Genshin Impact Kory Drums Puzzle? Here are all the locations and also how to unlock them. Read the guide till the end.

If you’re a Genshin Impact player, you’re probably always on the lookout for new quests and regions to explore. And if you’re currently playing in the Sumeru desert region, you might be wondering how to complete the Korybantes world quest and collect all the treasure chests in the area.

To do so, you’ll need to locate all eight Kory Drums hidden throughout the region. While the first three are fairly easy to find, the remaining five require more effort, including solving puzzles and defeating enemies. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll provide detailed information on the locations of all eight Genshin Impact Kory Drums, as well as tips on how to unlock them and overcome the challenges they present.


By following our guide, you’ll be able to complete the Korybantes world quest and collect all the treasure chests in the Sumeru desert region. 

Finding the Genshin Impact Kory Drum Locations

There are five Genshin Impact Kory Drums that you can play at any time since they are waiting in the open. However, the three that you need for the Korybantes quest are locked behind puzzles. Here’s where you can find each of the Kory Drums in Genshin Impact:

Asipattravana Swamp

Two of the three Korybantes drums are in this swamp. The Hydro drum is located in a cave beneath the arch with the teleport waypoint. To unlock it, you’ll need to complete a set of three challenges involving Four-Leaf Sigils and collecting Dendro particles.

Use Sorush to move the sigils, then activate them and collect the particles as you go. Each challenge has a two-minute timer, so there’s plenty of time to adjust the sigil placement after starting the trial. Alternatively, if you have Wanderer, you can activate his skill and hover over to the particles.

Oasis’ Statue of the Seven

The Electro drum, Sankhara, is hidden in a cave behind the Statue of the Seven in the oasis. To unlock it, you’ll need to activate the bell inside the cave and defeat the enemy mobs that appear within the given time.

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Iniquitous Baptist Boss Area

The final Kory Drum is the Pyro drum, Vijnana. It is located on a large hill above the Iniquitous Baptist boss in the far western portion of the map. To unlock it, you’ll need to clear out the Hilichurl Rogues, grab the Dendroculus and chest, and then activate the bell behind the Hilichurl hut. Use Sorush to collect flames, and then at the end, the drum will appear.

Other Genshin Impact Kory Drum Locations

The first three Genshin Impact Kory Drums can be found in the middle of the Yaoguang Shoal. They are all in plain sight and easily accessible. Once you have cleared all three drums, a trial will appear on the center island. Complete the trial to unlock a Luxurious Chest.

The remaining five drums can be found in the Yaoguang Shoal swamp. Three are located at the northeastern end of the swamp, while the other two are in a cave north of the swamp’s central waypoint.

Finding the Two Kory Drums in the Cave

If you’re on a mission to collect all the treasure in the Sumeru desert region of Genshin Impact, you’ll need to unlock all eight Genshin Impact Kory Drums. This includes the two located in the Yaoguang Shoal swamp cave. These drums require a bit more effort to access, but the rewards are definitely worth it.

To unlock these two Kory Drums, you’ll first need to rescue a giant Farrwick from a group of Eremites. The Eremites have captured the Farrwick, and you’ll need to defeat them in order to free it. Once you’ve defeated the Eremites, the path to the second score will open up.

Now that you’ve rescued the Farrwick and opened the path, it’s time to head to the room where the second score is located. Once there, you’ll need to grab the small Farrwick in the room and place it in front of the wall to illuminate the score. This will unlock the second Kory Drum and allow you to move on to the next challenge.

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Rewards for Unlocking All Genshin Impact Kory Drums

Unlocking all eight Kory Drums will reward you with two Precious Chests and one Luxurious Chest. These chests contain valuable loot, including weapons, artifacts, and ascension materials.

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By tracking down all eight Genshin Impact Kory Drums, including the three that are locked behind puzzles, you’ll be able to complete the Korybantes world quest and collect every treasure chest in the new Sumeru desert region. We hope this guide has been helpful in finding and unlocking the Kory Drum locations. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your gear and start your adventure now!

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