FC 24 Volta Trick Shots & Trendy Kits: What to Expect from EA FC 24 Items & Coins


FC 24 Volta items are here for players to claim in this newest iteration of the iconic EA football franchise.

EA FC 24 is the newest installment of the long-running football franchise developed and published by EA. The game has a very big fanbase and millions of players around the world play this iconic football game. Not only that, Electronic Arts is one of the biggest gaming companies in the world and it has been relevant in the industry for the past 3 decades.

Due to the popularity of this company, EA has released a subscription service that has tons of EA games from classics to the latest titles.

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FC 24 Volta Cover

FC 24 Volta- The benefit of EA Play

Due to the popularity of the FIFA series and also an underrated gem i.e. the FIFA street series, EA has introduced Volta mode in the latest installments of FIFA/ EA FC 24. FC 24 Volta is the newest Volta mode in this franchise and is a visual treat for fans who are fans of street football around the world.

When this game mode was announced a few years ago, fans were elated as EA was bringing back one of their top tier games in the form of FC 24 Volta. The gameplay is a blend of modern football titles with the nostalgic factors of the FIFA Street series.

Since EA has their own subscription model i.e. EA play, the subscribers get exclusive benefits and rewards for playing EA FC 24. Some of the rewards are exclusive for the FC 24 Volta mode and players can earn them via the EA Play subscription.

Alongside that, players who want to purchase the full versions of the game can also avail themselves of the 10% discount as a part of the membership. It is well worth the deal as the EA Play subscription has a ton of benefits like any other subscription model.

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FC 24 Volta Avatar

FC 24 Volta- Rewards and Benefits

As we speak about FC 24 Volta, there are a ton of upgrades and rewards that players can claim. These include iconic street football FC 24 Volta kits, cosmetic items and other goodies for players. As EA regularly collaborates with major brands, players can also claim some exclusive kits in games that are not available in real life.

FC 24 Volta is known for its trick shots and celebrations so what is the best way to show off your skills? The answer is celebrations. On the other hand, players can also earn Ultimate Team coins that can be used to purchase players and in-game items on the FIFA Ultimate Team marketplace. As a member of EA Play, there will be consistent rewards for players to gain and utilize in FC 24 Volta.

FC 24 Volta
FC 24 Volta Screenshot

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What is the release date of EA FC 24?

This game was released on the 29th of September 2023.

What genre is EA FC 24?

EA FC 24 is a sports simulation game focusing on football as a sport.

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