EA FC Mobile UCL Star Pass – Release Date, Players, Rewards, and More


The EA FC Mobile UCL Star Pass is a limited-time event that offers players a chance to earn valuable in-game rewards, including high-rated player cards.

The EA FC Mobile UCL Star Pass changes everything. This is a huge deal for EA FC Mobile. It not only gives away valuable prizes, but it also makes the already exciting UEFA Champions League event even more exciting. To help you get the most out of this Star Pass, we’ve put together a guide that covers everything, from when it will be available to the prizes and important tips and tricks. Download the game and start your journey.

Get the star pass and unlock rewards
Get the star pass and unlock rewards

EA FC Mobile UCL Star Pass Release Date

The UCL Star Pass for this season was released on October 25. It’s available in the game for 29 days, which means it’s expected to wrap up on November 23. This also marks the last FC Mobile Star Pass before the eagerly anticipated TOTY Event. So, if you’re aiming to make the most of this opportunity, make sure to act quickly.

EA FC Mobile UCL Star Pass Players & Rewards

The rewards are, of course, one of the primary reasons to pursue the UCL Star Pass. While this season’s Star Pass shares some similarities with its predecessor, there are a few noteworthy changes that you should be aware of.

1. Phil Foden’s Ascension

At level 60, players will now receive the 89-rated Phil Foden card, a step up from the previous 88-rated Vinicius Jr. Foden’s transfer market value stands at a solid 6 million coins, making him a valuable acquisition. However, this does mean that the final Star Pass reward has seen a slight decrease in value this season.

2. Javier Mascherano’s Introduction

Level 50 now brings a significant change as players can attain the untradable 91-rated Javier Mascherano. While he may not be the ultimate defender in FC Mobile, Mascherano can certainly enhance the quality of mid-meta squads.

3. Vini Jr. Returns

The third big change has to do with level 30. Players who buy the Premium Star Pass will have the chance to get Vini Jr., who has an 88 rating and was the best prize last season. It is important to know that you can only get these stars with the Premium EA FC Mobile UCL Star Pass. For those who haven’t bought it, they will get an 83+ OVR UCL star at level 60, which might not be as good.

Vini Junior stats in EA FC Mobile
Vini Junior stats

EA FC Mobile: UCL Star Pass Price

If you want to get the most out of the UCL Star Pass and get the best prizes, you might want to buy the Premium Star Pass, which costs USD $11.99. With this buy, players can get Phil Foden, Javier Mascherano, Vini Jr., and other useful items for the game.

If you want to move through the UCL Star Pass faster, you can buy the Premium Star Pass Bundle for USD $23.99 instead. The Star Pass and 2,000 Star Pass Credits are both included in this package. You can finish 10 Star Pass levels right away with these points, which saves you time and effort.

EA FC Mobile: Star Pass Tips & Tricks

While the rewards in the UCL Star Pass are undeniably enticing, it’s essential to understand that reaching level 60 isn’t a walk in the park. You’ll need to accumulate a total of 18,000 Star Pass Credits. Here are some strategies to help you earn these credits efficiently:

1. Daily Challenges

Completing daily missions is a reliable and straightforward way to earn Star Pass Credits regularly. These missions are designed to be quick and achievable, ensuring a steady influx of credits.

2. In-Game Events

Participating in special in-game events, such as the Conmebol Libertadores Event and the UEFA Champions League, can be highly rewarding. These events often feature challenges that provide Star Pass Credits, so keep an eye on the event calendar.

3. Division Rivals

Playing in Division Rivals is a good idea for people who want to finish the Star Pass quickly. This mode gives you a lot of Star Pass Credits, so people who are really into grinding should play it.

To sum up, the EA FC Mobile UCL Star Pass is a great way to improve your team and get important in-game items. To get the most out of this cool feature, keep an eye on the release date, learn about the rewards, and use the methods we suggest. There is something for everyone with the UCL Star Pass, whether you play occasionally or for a living. It’s up to you to take advantage of the chance.

How long are you going to wait? Get into the world of EA FC Mobile and beat the UCL Star Pass to get a roster of top-notch players and in-game prizes that will definitely make your gaming experience better.


What are the key changes in the UCL Star Pass rewards this season?

This season, at level 60, players can receive the 89-rated Phil Foden card instead of the 88-rated Vinicius Jr. There is also an introduction of the 91-rated Javier Mascherano at level 50. Additionally, players at level 30 in the Premium Star Pass can obtain the 88-rated Vini Jr.

How much does the Premium Star Pass cost, and is it worth it?

The Premium Star Pass is priced at USD $11.99. Whether it’s worth it or not depends on your gameplay style and objectives. It provides access to exclusive rewards and shortcuts in the UCL Star Pass, making it a valuable option for serious players.

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