How to Download, Install, and Play EA FC Mobile on iOS and Android Devices?



EA FC Mobile has been launched. Check our guide to know the steps to download EA FC Mobile on Android and iOS.

EA FC Mobile 24 is the latest game from the EA Fifa series. EA FC Mobile is out for both Android and iOS. With much anticipation and buzz, the game has finally been released. EA FC Mobile is a free-to-play game. Just like usual FIFA games, there are many clubs and players. This game supports online multiplayer mode as well.

With a joystick controller or virtual stick, you can dominate your opponents.  EA Sports FC Mobile 2024 is grandeur in every way. It’s a game that’s meant to be experienced on high-end devices. There are tournaments, events, daily quests, weekly quests and more. Also, PvP and PvE challenges are available.

You can join a club and start completing PvP challenges to unlock more content in the game. There are many features in EA Sports FC Mobile. Once you complete basic challenges, everything will be available. EA FC Mobile is one of the best FIFA games to play right now. With a plethora of features and your favorite footballers, it’s time to unleash your skills. Downloading EA FC Mobile on iOS and Android is very simple. So, find the steps to install the game here in our guide.

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Training session

Steps to Download EA Sports FC for Android & iOS!

EA FC Mobile 2024 is all about swipe and touch. Once you complete the tutorials and learn the techniques, the soccer ground is yours to rule. Here’s how you can install and download EA FC Mobile 24 for mobile devices,

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  • Open Google Play Store/App Store
  • Search for EA FC Mobile
  • Download the game and install it
  • Complete the training part and kick-off your campaign

That’s how you can play EA FC Mobile 24. All you need is a mobile phone with the best specs and features along with a high speed internet connection as well. Also, there are many small tasks to do. The training course in EA FC Mobile includes lots of activities to do.

You have to complete training courses like dribbling, shooting, sprinting, passing and defending. You will be given 10 or 20 attempts. The controls and techniques will be shown while you play the game. 

EA fc mobile Android

Once you successfully complete this part, everything will be unlocked. EA FC Mobile has quests, PvP and PvE challenges, tournaments, leagues, events and more. There’s also an auto-play feature and you can simply watch your players scoring goals.

Your rewards are XP, Coins, Gems and Level-up Packages. Use these rewards in EA Sports FC to unlock new skills, players, tournaments and clubs. That’s everything you need to know about downloading EA Sports FC Mobile for mobile.


Is Indian Super League Available in EA FC Mobile?

Yes, EA FC Mobile features some of the premier leagues in the world including Hero ISL as well. But, you have to complete UEFA champions league and more tournaments before unlocking ISL and other Leagues as well.

How many teams are available in EA FC Mobile?

In EA FC Mobile, you can find more than 650+ teams. Some of the popular teams like Real Madrid, Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool are there as well. You have to complete PvP quests and kick-off campaign challenges to unlock all clubs in the game.

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