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Want to dominate EA FC Mobile? Then, discover the top strategies from our EA FC Mobile guide.

Winning tournaments in EA FC Mobile becomes easier with the best lineups. You can rank up a player’s skills and OVR once you complete the training course. Be it La Liga, Premier League, Bundesliga or UEFA, you can only win with top-rated players and teams. Every player in EA FC Mobile has different attributes and traits. You can rank up individual player’s skills like Dribbling, Passing and Defending.

But to complete training levels and rank up players, there are many prerequisites. Right from PvP challenges to daily quests, you need to complete all these challenges to gain rewards, exp and money. Using resources, you can level up your players and progress well in the game. You can master every skill during the training course and this will also help you claim starter packs.

As a beginner, it’s really hard to tackle challenges in EA FC Mobile. But the good thing is you will claim rewards for failed objectives as well. The training course is the best feature of the game that lets you understand the basic techniques. Yet, EA FC Mobile is a long journey where you will explore thousands of challenges in both tournaments and leagues. So, with the right strategies and tips, you can become an expert. Find out some tricks to become a skilful player in EA Sports FC Mobile 24 from our guide here.

EA FC Mobile Guide and Strategy!

EA fc mobile guide

To dominate opponents in EA FC Mobile, your players and their skills should be at maximum levels. This can be done in many ways. Also, you need more exp points to reach higher levels. Some players and clubs of EA Sports FC Mobile will only be unlocked at higher levels.

You will kick-off your journey by completing the training sessions. This also unlocks new game modes and challenges. EA FC Mobile is a fantastic football game for mobile. Here are some beginner tips to play the game,

  • Complete the training course and claim your basic rewards like Gems, Coins, XP and starter packs. You will learn how to dribble, pass, defend and shoot goals here. These are key skills to overcome opponent’s tactics and win them
  • To test your skills, play Division Rivals. Here, you can play VS Attack and Head to Head against top-ranked players. Even if you lose the game, you will get some rewards and exp. Also, you can rank up levels from Unranked to Amateur III and more.
  • Add friends to your lobby and start playing against them. This can be done in two ways. One is you can give requests to players under ‘VS Friends’ and the other is to play VS and Head-to-head mode matches and directly give requests to opponents at the end
  • Make use of Daily Login rewards. In EA FC Mobile, whether you play daily or win matches, it doesn’t matter. You can simply login and claim rewards and then exit the game. Continue the streaks and earn more rewards after a week.
  • Watch videos to claim gem packs. There will be ad-based videos and the duration will be 10s, 30s or a minute. Watch them to claim 100 gems. The daily limit is also 100 gems
  • Explore the challenge mode to maximize all your rewards. Here you can start playing PvP challenges with 80 OVR. You can play daily LaLiga challenges as well. Every challenge in Challenge mode will reset frequently. 
  • The FC Mobile section has sets of challenges. Be it Tutorial quests, daily quests or weekly quests, you can complete everything and earn more coins and red gems. The other rewards will be OVR players, Start Point, Welcome Point and Quest Packs. With these rewards you can rank up players and unlock new leagues
  • Tournament is one of the best games to play in EA FC Mobile. First, you have to play the UEFA league and win the title. This will unlock more tournaments. Tournaments are quite easy to win. Here, there’s also an auto-play feature and you can dominate it without much struggle
  • Live Events include many challenges. One among many is the Kick-off campaign. Here, you can complete Intermediate level and Expert level challenges. The challenges are to win matches and skill games. By completing these, you will be able to unlock new International teams and their kick-off packs. Also, an exclusive kick-off logo will be unlocked.
  • Build your lineups once you rank up players. You have to exchange players from other clubs for your teams. By doing these you will earn new packs and unlock clubs as well. Also, you can customize teams and players through the Locker Room feature 
  •  Focus on increasing the skills of your players. Use your earned rewards to max training levels of each player and then you will be able to rank up their skills.
  • Learn to use your skills. Be it sprinting or dribbling, everything is essential. Avoid sliding opponents as this might grant them a penalty. Use your techniques rightly and tackle opponents to score goals at ease
  • Play EA FC Mobile daily. Completing daily bonus goals and quests to amass rewards. This will be your first step to increase levels, unlock new players and leagues. You can only dominate EA FC Mobile by playing regularly. This ensures you will tick all boxes and progress further
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Players in EA FC Mobile

That’s everything you need to know about the beginners tips and tricks to play EA FC Mobile in our guide. Follow these useful strategies and complete challenges, win tournaments and championship titles.


Is Winning Tournaments Easy in EA FC Mobile?

Tournaments are both easy and difficult. The first major tournament in EA FC Mobile is the UEFA League. You will play this at Beginner’s difficulty level. Also, there’s an auto-play option. Completing the first few tournaments is easier. The real challenge begins after these early tournaments.

Can you Play against friends in EA FC Mobile?

Yes, you can add upto 32 friends and play against them. Play VS Attack and Head-to-head challenges to add new friends to your lobby. Playing against friends in EA FC Mobile will help you claim new rewards.

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