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Want to take down your opponents or friends in the latest FIFA Mobile game? Check out our EA FC Mobile Tips and Tricks below.

In this guide, we give you a lot of tips and tricks that will help you rule the EA FC Mobile virtual soccer world. From making a team and planning strategies for a match to more advanced ways to play, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get started and take your game to a whole new level with the help of our EA FC Mobile Tips.

My team building
My team building

EA FC Mobile Tips: Team Building

Building a strong team is the key to doing well in EA FC Mobile. Here are some important things to do:

1. Sign High OVR Players

Choose players with high Overall Ratings (OVR) to make sure that your group is strong. OVR is a good way to figure out how good a player is, but you also need to look at skills, work rates, and teamwork.

2. Align Skills with Playstyle

Change your team to fit the way you like to play. If you want to go for an offensive strategy, look for players who are great at dribbling, passing, and scoring. For a good defensive plan, you should focus on players who are good at tackling, positioning, and marking.

3. Build Chemistry

Enhance team performance by signing players from the same club or nation. Chemistry is a hidden but vital stat that can significantly boost your team’s cohesion and effectiveness.

4. Invest in Player Development

Don’t stop at signing great players. Train and upgrade them further using skill points to maximize their potential.

EA FC Mobile Tips: Match Tactics

Once you have a strong lineup, the right tactics can make all the difference:

1. Formation Matters

Choose a strategy that fits the way you play. Attack-minded players might like groups with more forwards, while a strong defense might benefit from having more defenders.

2. Tailor Player Instructions

Adjust how your team acts by giving them specific directions. Encourage defenders to “Stay back at defense” or tell forwards to “Get into the box for crosses” to get a better handle on the game.

3. Choose Your Playstyle Wisely

EA FC Mobile offers three playstyles: Offensive, Balanced, and Defensive. Opt for the one that aligns with your strategy—offensive for an aggressive approach, defensive for a cautious one, and balanced for versatility.

EA FC Mobile Tips: Advanced Gameplay Techniques

Ready to take your skills up a notch? Explore these advanced techniques:

1. Master Skill Moves

Skill moves are your secret weapon for outwitting defenders. Experiment with various moves to create opportunities for your attackers and leave your opponents bewildered.

2. Execute Precise Through Balls

To initiate a through ball, press and hold the pass button, then flick the right stick in your desired direction. This technique is perfect for creating goal-scoring opportunities.

3. Employ the Offside Trap

Prevent your opponents from scoring by strategically using the offside trap. Ensure your defenders are in line with the last opponent player before attempting this defensive tactic.

EA FC Mobile Tips: Advanced Attacking Techniques

For those seeking to put the ball in the net more often, consider these advanced attacking strategies:

Attacking styles
Attacking styles

1. Enhanced Dribbling

Use the left stick for precise dribbling control and the right stick to execute skill moves. This combination provides superior control over your player, allowing you to breeze past defenders.

2. Team Coordination

When attacking, you should always know where your teammates are. Find the open player and make a well-timed pass to make chances to score.

3. Harness the Crossbar

Opt for the crossbar when you have a clear shot at goal. The ball’s rebound can set up your teammates for a follow-up shot.

4. Employ the Finesse Shot

For accurate and corner-hugging shots, employ the finesse shot. Hold down the shoot button and flick the right stick in your desired shooting direction for precision.

EA FC Mobile Tips: Advanced Defensive Techniques

Prevent your opponents from scoring with these advanced defensive tactics:

1. Jockeying

Use the right stick to jockey and stay in front of your opponent, denying them the opportunity to dribble past you.

2. Tackling with Precision

Hold down the tackle button and flick the right stick toward your opponent to learn how to tackle. If you tackle well, you can stop an attack in its tracks.

3. Strategic Offside Trap

When your defenses are lined up with the last player on the other team, use the offside trap to catch attackers offside and ruin their chances.

4. Team Pressing

Put pressure on your opponents and force mistakes by engaging in team pressing. Hold down the press button to coordinate your players in pressing the opposition.

Swipe freekick
Swipe freekick


In the end, learning EA FC Mobile Tips is a mix of good team-building strategies, smart match tactics, and advanced game-play techniques. Even though these tips and tricks can help you win more often and have a much better game experience, remember that winning is never a given. Enjoy the game, and if you keep at it, you’ll be a force to be reckoned with in the virtual soccer field.


What is the significance of player chemistry in EA FC Mobile?

Player chemistry is a hidden stat that shows how well players do when they are in the starting group together and are from the same team or country. It’s important for better teamwork and better gameplay.

Which formation should I choose for an attacking playstyle in EA FC Mobile?

For an attacking approach, consider formations with multiple forward players, such as 4-3-3 or 4-2-4. These setups provide more offensive options and help you press the opponent.

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