Top Tips, Tricks, and Hacks for Beginners in EA FC Mobile



Unravel the EA FC Mobile Beginners and some Advanced level tips and hacks in our guide.

EA FC 2024 Mobile game is back and this time it’s for Android and iOS. The new set of monthly events have gone live in EA Sports FC Mobile 24. Welcome to FC Mobile, the major event, has many new challenges for players. Be it Normal or Hard, every challenge will be difficult. Even Advanced and Expert level players have struggled to clear some stages.

This is because you will be up against opponents who have higher skills and OVR than yours. Beginner level challenges of EA FC Mobile can be cleared easily. But once you play at advanced difficulty level, the game begins. For some quests, you have to play against World Class difficult level enemies. To overcome all these massive challenges, you have to understand the techniques and strategies. So, find the best beginners tips and hacks to play EA FC Mobile here.

EA FC Mobile Beginners & Advanced Level Tips !

To level up fast in EA FC Mobile, there are many tricks. You have to accumulate basic rewards and packs. With these, you can rank up your players and unlock high-level OVR players as well. Here are some tricks for both beginner and advanced players in the game,

EA fc mobile beginners tips
EA FC Mobile Game modes
  • Complete all new PvP challenges. PvP challenges offer gems, xp and starting packs
  • Play weekly and daily quests. These have very little objectives and you will learn some techniques like dribbling or sprinting
  • Collect daily login rewards and watch ads to claim some gems. Use these for upgrades on players
  • Complete tournaments and head-to-head matches to unlock new OVR players
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Kickoff mode
  • Also, you can play kick-off campaign and VS Attack challenges. These offer starting points and welcome which are much required to max training levels for players
  • Unlock players based on their skills. Your first preference should be selecting players with high OVR. Also, you can sign players from same leagues as this will be useful while ranking other players
  • Complete bonus goals and other challenges. You have to amass more xp and rewards. Only with these, you can increase your player’s skills and play against dominant opponents. Keep playing challenges as even you get some rewards for a defeat
  • Master the techniques and skills before entering a tournament or league. This can be done at the start in the training course. Here, you can learn about dribbling, sprinting, passing and defending. Though it’s just a swipe, yet you have to know the techniques fully before using them in games
  • You can exchange players and sell players with lesser skills. Once the players are available for trading, you can return them and earn some money as well

That’s everything you need to know about the best tips and hacks for beginners and advanced players in EA FC Mobile.


Is Winning Tournaments Easy in EA FC Mobile?

Tournaments are both easy and difficult. The first major tournament in EA FC Mobile is the UEFA League. You will play this at Beginner’s difficulty level. Also, there’s an auto-play option. Completing the first few tournaments is easier. The real challenge begins after these early tournaments.

How to Unlock Manager Mode in EA FC Mobile?

Unlike Head-to-head and VS Attack, Manager Mode doesn’t come initially. Once you reach level 11, you can unlock the Manager Mode in EA FC Mobile.

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