How to complete FC 24 Debinha TOTY Honourable Mentions- Best Guide


This article showcases FC 24 Debinha TOTY guide and how to obtain her in Ultimate Team on EA FC 24

Before we being, keep in mind that EA Sports lost the official license to FIFA and changed the branding of their annual football arcade game to EA FC 24. In this article we discuss about the specific more in EA FC 24 called Ultimate Team and how to obtain FC 24 Debinha TOTY Honorable mentions card.

FC 24 Ultimate Team Basics

Ultimate Team is a mode in which players get to make their own team by obtaining cards and matching chemistry of real life players to form their own team and compete against the AI or millions of other players worldwide. During every season, EA released cards known as TOTY cards also known as Team of the Year cards. In this article, we will show you how to obtain FC 24 Debinha TOTY card in Ultimate Team.

Honorable Mentions cards for Team of the Year (TOTY) are unique cards designed to recognize players that have excelled in 2023, either for a single, highly significant skill or for performances. These are the top football players of 2023 who were not selected for Team of the Year.

FC 24 Debinha TOTY Overview

FC 24 Debinha TOTY
FC 24 Debinha TOTY Card Review

Before we begin, FC 24 Debinha TOTY is a variant of the player Debinha whose base card is rated at 88 overall and is an attacking midfielder who’s nation is Brazil. To obtain FC 24 Debinha TOTY we need to follow a minigame called SBC also known as Squad Building challenges. These challenges allow players to use their fodder cards to gain or acquire a very strong card, in this case the FC 24 Debinha TOTY card.

The Brazilian superstar is reasonably priced and has good stats. The card that looks like a beast has five star weak foot and five star skill moves. The SBC is available for 210,000 coins (market fluctuations may apply), which can be difficult to obtain without cash or fodder cards. At this point in the game, she can fit seamlessly into the majority of squads.

Approximately 100 players are nominated by EA Sports for the TOTY, but only 24—12 men and 12 women—make the starting lineup following the public voting. EA does not, however, ignore the players who were left off of the final roster. Rather, they present them with an upgraded special card and recognize them as TOTY Honorable Mentions. The most recent addition to the new EA FC 24 campaign is the international player Debinha from Brazil.

FC 24 Debinha TOTY Requirements for Squad Building Challenge

The requirements for obtaining FC 24 Debinha TOTY are-

  • 1 player from Team of the Week
  • The team rating should be a minimum of 85, and
  • 1 player from Brazil nation
  • Team rating should be a minimum of 87
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FC 24 Debinha TOTY in Game screenshot

FC 24 Debinha TOTY Stats

  • Overall Rating: 90
  • Primary Position: Central Attacking Midfielder (CAM)
  • Weak Foot: 5 Stars
  • Skill Moves: 5 Stars
  • Age : 32
  • Playstyles: Technical, Flair, First Touch, Trickster, Quick Step, Acrobatic and TRIVELA
Screenshot 2 5
FC 24 Debinha TOTY Stats

FC 24 Debinha TOTY Review

Since TOTY and Honorable Mentions consistently have outstanding stats and excellent overall ratings, they have long been among the most sought-after cards in Ultimate Team. The 90-rated EA FC 24 Debinha TOTY Honorable Mention has given fans the chance to put up a competitive team featuring players from the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL) and Brazil.

She certainly looks insane when it comes to price and stats. You could be an excellent CAM for her if you have enough fodder to finish her. She has excellent speed, shooting form, physicality, overall stats, and pace, and she is powerful enough to hold the ball against larger opponents.

Screenshot 1 7
FC 24 Debinha TOTY Honourable Mentions Card

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What is SBC?

Squad Building Challenges are also known as SBC are a small minigame in Ultimate Team for players to mix and match existing players to obtain a new player.

What is the price of this card?

All cards are subject to change depending on the demand and supply of the availability and rarity of the card. The in-game market gives real time prices of every card.

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