How to Complete Winter Wildcards Niclas Fullkrug in EA FC Mobile


Unlock gaming success! Master Winter Wildcards in EA FC Mobile with our guide on completing the Niclas Fullkrug challenge. Level up your virtual journey now!

Numerous promotional events have graced FC Mobile since its global debut in the mobile gaming arena on September 26, 2023. Recently, EA Sports concluded the captivating UCL and Rivals promotion, seamlessly transitioning to the Winter Wildcards event, which has rapidly gained immense popularity, drawing in millions of mobile gamers worldwide who now consistently engage with the title.

The Winter Wildcards promotion has brought forth a plethora of thrilling additions, encompassing new chapters, quests, cards, and exchange opportunities. Expanding upon the success of prior exchanges that facilitated players in acquiring valuable in-game items, the latest enhancements include two exchanges spotlighting coveted cards featuring football luminaries Pau Torres and Niclas Fullkrug.

These exchanges have proven to be exceptionally rewarding, further elevating the gaming experience for enthusiasts looking to fortify their in-game assets.

Winter Wildcards Niclas Fullkrug in EA FC Mobile

Following his triumphant achievement as the Bundesliga’s top scorer in the 22/23 season, Niclas Fullkrug has continued to showcase exceptional form, delighting Borussia Dortmund fans with a prolific goal-scoring spree in the current season. Meanwhile, Pau Torres has emerged as a linchpin for Aston Villa, playing a pivotal role in steering the team to an impressive third position in the highly competitive Premier League.

Winter Wildcards Niclas Fullkrug in EA FC Mobile

Acknowledging the stellar performances of these football maestros, EA Sports has strategically incorporated exclusive exchanges featuring their cards in the Winter Wildcards promotional event for FC Mobile. This inclusion allows avid gamers and football enthusiasts alike to capture the essence of Fullkrug’s goal-scoring prowess and Torres’ defensive mastery within the virtual realm.

Now, let’s delve into a comprehensive overview of the distinct requirements associated with the two newly introduced exchanges in FC Mobile’s Winter Wildcards promotion, providing players with a unique opportunity to secure these coveted cards and enhance their in-game experience.

89 OVR ST Niclas Fullkrug

  • Exchange 5x 85+ OVR Player
  • Exchange 6x 81+ OVR Attacker
  • Exchange 7x 75+ OVR Player
  • Exchange 15x 70+ OVR Player

91 OVR CB Pau Torres

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  • Exchange 8x 88+ OVR Player
  • Exchange 8x 85+ OVR Player
  • Exchange 10x 81+ OVR Goalkeeper or Defender
  • Exchange 15x 81+ OVR Player
  • Exchange 25x 75+ OVR Player

Ensure to verify the accessibility of the necessary cards for the exchange by navigating to the ‘My Players’ section. In the event of unavailability, an alternative option is to acquire the required cards from the in-game Market.

Winter Wildcards Offer Multiple Exchanges in FC Mobile

As previously indicated, FC Mobile unveiled five exchanges concurrent with the launch of the Winter Wildcards promotion within the title. Numerous users have already successfully concluded these exchanges, securing impressive cards in the process.

Let’s take a glimpse at the diverse exchanges that were previously incorporated into the FC Mobile Winter Wildcards promotional event:

5x 70-79 OVR Base Player 

  • Exchange 1x 81+ OVR Winter Wildcards Card

5x 78-84 OVR Base Player (Mixed Version Player)

  • Exchange 1x 81+ OVR Winter Wildcards Card

80-87 OVR Winter Wildcards Player

  • Exchange 4x 70+ OVR Attacker
  • Exchange 3x 70+ OVR Midfielder
  • Exchange 4x 70+ OVR Goalkeeper or Defender

84-89 OVR Winter Wildcards Player

  • 3x 80+ OVR Attacker
  • 4x 80+ OVR Midfielder
  • 4x 80+ OVR Goalkeeper or Defender

88-91 OVR Winter Wildcards Player

  • 4x 84+ OVR Attacker
  • 4x 84+ OVR Midfielder
  • 3x 84+ OVR Goalkeeper or Defender

Cards acquired through the exchanges mentioned above can be traded within the in-game Market, enabling players to capitalize on significant profits through strategic trading.


In summary, successfully tackling the Winter Wildcards Niclas Fullkrug challenge in EA FC Mobile adds a layer of fulfillment to the gaming experience. Navigating the intricacies of the exchange system, diligently acquiring the necessary cards, and strategically navigating the in-game Market not only lead to triumph in the Winter Wildcards promo but also elevates the in-game collection with the coveted Niclas Fullkrug card. This journey not only demonstrates gaming prowess but also showcases the ability to navigate and excel in the dynamic virtual realm of EA FC Mobile. So, immerse yourself in the challenge, explore the virtual arena, and emerge victorious in securing the Winter Wildcards Niclas Fullkrug for a truly satisfying gaming achievement.

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